Sometime I wonder how ancient people came up with like, those buck wild Biblical angel designs. And then I see the Jellyfish Sprite and go "ah."


Behold: The Jellyfish Sprite (explanation of wtf this thing is in the image description)

If I were some yeoman in ancient Mesopotamia and saw this I would 100% start believing in Old Gods

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@LuigiEsq christ imagine probably not even being literate and trying to describe that. imagine trying to describe the huge terrifying thing in the sky you just fucking saw

@Dayglochainsaw If I hadn't seen this tweet and just saw that thing while hiking one day I still probably would've shit my pants and googled whether or not there was an alien invasion going on.

@LuigiEsq oh absolutely 100%, i would have freaked my fucking bean if i saw this in broad daylight let alone during a thunderstorm

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