"sportsball" is boomer "I hate my spouse LOL" levels of unfunny. Not offensive, just incredibly banal. Please realize this.

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@LuigiEsq AllPro reclaimed sportsball for the jocks, it's fine now

@LuigiEsq like 99% of the time I see the term used, humor is not the intent

@SwooshyCueb Whenever I use it, it's mostly in a dry derogatory way, partly as a deconstruction of its elevated status in culture.

Or maybe it doesn't mean anything, which puts it right in line with any actual sports. @LuigiEsq

@Anarkat @SwooshyCueb i'm sorry you were bullied in high school but it's time to move on

@LuigiEsq I'm here to shit on tankies and the social construct of sports. @SwooshyCueb

@LuigiEsq Wait, people think that "sportsball" is offensive? I bet these are the same snowflakes that also get offended when we ask for their favorite team only to tell them "Meh. Never heard of them, but I bet tkey suck."

sportsball meta, uncomfortable? abstraction 

@KitsuneAlicia @LuigiEsq "sportsball" is shorthand for "those intentionally conflict-and-aggression-driven games the privilege-burdened fanatically follow to vicariously work out their competitive urges", and calling that abstraction banal opinion all right XD

Seriously tho, what sportsgame is based on cooperation (rather than individual-or-team domination) as a mechanic?

I/we'll wait.

@eryn @KitsuneAlicia "sportsball" is shorthand for "le epic reddit" sorry it's not a deep political critique

sportsball meta, uncomfortable? abstraction 

@eryn @LuigiEsq We've had that critique about sports in the past, but we've never heard of "sportsball" being used in any way even close to that.

The only context we've ever heard it used in is boomers derogatorily describing a younger person's favorite sport in the same way they call their generation's music shitty and "too risque" or whatever.

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