Having this itch to go back using a Linux distro on my laptop again. Using Windows every day at work is tiresome, definitely the sole reason why I'm getting tired so early

I'm indeed alive, just was overall more inactive on the internet the past couple of months.
Time to dive back in here 😀

Installing Android Studio again to work on a previous project, this is gonna be fun

The forbidden toot saga: Tooting from my boyfriend's account

- Karneolius

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the solution to the "software being bad" problem is to make all your own software yourself so that you think its good due to the "ikea effect"

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FLOSS community:
> hey let's put all our eggs in this one GitHub basket
> what could possibly go wrong
> GitHub is so convenient


Read through the Mastodon HN thing here, and caching made me think for a moment that @Gargron was commenting about something in that thread and now I can't stop laughing

More Android tablets rambling, Homestuck 

The embracing of HTML5 elements makes me almost want to start again, it would've made my reading experience far more comfortable :fatyoshi:


Using an Android tablet reminds me once again of the multitasking functionality, on a bigger screen it is a great feature, of course when apps are mostly compatible with that dynamic resizing


Feeling like the only person on the planet who still uses an Android tablet in 2018

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I'm still sad for forgetting to renew the annoying.dog domain, would've been a perfect fit for another instance in the future


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#newinstance #introduction
neigh.horse opens its doors to the public, so saddle up and join us in this ride! All kinds of folks are welcome here.

Whether you're looking for a #general purpose #instance, a place for you to connect and talk about #tech, or seeking advice to navigate paradox space - neigh.horse is the instance for you!

Nothing in programming is more amazing when you have to use a half finished framework, write several classes and it just works. Questioning life at the moment.

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Sucessfully updated to v2.4.0rc3!
Now back to work on here 😩

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