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More remote-friendly #jobhunt tools: - an improvement to searching the monthly "Who is Hiring?" thread on HN. Yeah, it's HN, but a lot of listings from tiny companies end up there instead of elsewhere. - Yet another job aggregator specializing in aggregating remote jobs. Has a large number of postings with some basic filtering.

I believe that a lot of populist, extreme or radical views in the developed world comes from a perspective that takes huge, complex systems with trade-offs for completely granted when they work fine, and only looks at them based on their shortcomings.

Yesterday I learned that there's big events where people come together to watch cat videos! :coolcat:

And the very first cat video was recorded in 1894 by none other than Thomas Edison! 😲

Here's a copy of that 20 second film on YouTube:

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Work on one thing, feel guilty about not working on the other thing. Work on the other thing, feel guilty about not working on the first thing. Gah

Happy Easter ✝️
Frohe Ostern 🐰
Joyeuses Pâques 🥚 🥀

Today I published a blog post in which I try to relate Cambridge Analytica vs. Facebook and the to the future of . You can read it here:

I mentioned that my recent toot "went viral" but today I learned that the correct terminology to use on Mastodon would have been "go woolly".

Due to the fact that I got a few new followers I'm doing another post, so you know what you're getting into.

I'm a 33yo straight white male from . I post in English (aber ihr dürft gerne auf Deutsch antworten).

I work as (PHP/JS), , , and .

Curious about how technology affects society when it comes to the way we work, I support a UBI ().

I also enjoy and shows.

Good morning to Mastodon and the fediverse 🌞
It's Monday and I wish you a happy and prosperous week!

I am attending an event about called in Paris next month. Since I would like to do more public speaking I have submitted two proposals to their . Keep your fingers crossed that they accept one of them 🤞

Wow, so yesterday I just posted a few thoughts for new Mastodon users and my toot went viral with 53 boosts and counting!
I also got a bunch of new followers, so here's a big round of hello to all of you ✋
You're my motivation to post more here.

Hello everyone who is new to Mastodon! Make sure you try and find some folks to follow who have been here for a long time. Don't make the mistake of just following folks joining right now or those you know from other places. Because many of these will leave soon, making you think this place is dead when in reality it's buzzing with activity. I've seen it happen too often with new social services and sites.

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I just realized I haven't made a single Mastodon post in over 2 weeks!
Now that I've paid this due I can go back to lurker mode ...

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Star Trek Discovery Show more

I must tread carefully around the Internet today to avoid any spoilers before watching the season finale tonight.

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Funny thing.

I remember "inventing Uber" over dinner with my dad, when pondering the intersection of Google maps, Android phones, and lame public transport.

A few years, Uber was all over the news. This was not the first time I've had that kind of experience.

Moral of the story: I'm so smart!

No wait. That's not it. The real moral of the story: ideas are not special. Thoughtful experts in any particular field will tend to invent similar things.

Execution, and luck, make all the difference.

I should stay away from the hashtag on Twitter. Too many of the theories that people spread turn out to be true.