The upcoming events section on Facebook scares me today.

It reads:
"Tomorrow: Climate Change"

The borg are what you get when you combine standing desks and office naps. Everyone napping in an open-plan server room.

Tired: Ladies and Gentlemen
Wired: Lords and Gentlewomen

Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada by a Greek immigrant, who was inspired by Chinese food to put a South American ingredient on an Italian dish, that went on to be most popular in Australia -

Apart from , there are other virtual currencies that try to approach / .

I signed up for , too, and wrote a few thoughts about it, in comparison to Manna, here:

If you are curious you can sign up here using my referral link:

Cloudflare has launched the "Distributed Web Gateway" for . So essentially there's 150+ new nodes around the world to cache content. This is kind of exciting and could help the technology.

Day trip to Heidelberg was great. Such a beautiful city and perfect weather for a day out. I'm a bit exhausted now; also tomorrow I have to work. How are your weekends going so far?!

I'm on a train right now going for a day trip with friends to Heidelberg today.

I would like to share my latest guest blog post with you, that I wrote for BlazeMeter. It's about . See it here:

Good morning! I will have to survive this days on only four hours of sleep 😴. How are you?

"Meanwhile, those who hate capitalism and want it to die, and who subsequently don't like UBI because it will save capitalism, are like butterfly lovers who hate caterpillars who believe caterpillars should die. Yes UBI will save capitalism, but from UBI postcapitalism can emerge."

Great quote from advocate Scott Santens:

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If there’s any developers out here, I’m writing a book about . Head over to to register your interest 😊

PSA: The next season of starts on October 7th! Looking forward to it!

There are two types of women on social media.

1) "You shouldn't use guys to address people unless they're all male!"
2) "Heyyy guys, what's up?!"

So you don't like the status quo of the Internet ... but what are you?
The "Purist", the "Disillusioned", the "Hopeful" or the "Revisionist"?
Read this article to find out:

Just came back from the meeting of the local group. We did not talk a lot about EA today but instead had an intense debate about .

computers that you can talk to

expectation: computer! Initiate program 5!


Nice to be reminded that the pitchforks and torches go wherever we humans form communities.

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