It just happened to me for the first time that I saw some lines of code and wondered who wrote it.

Turns out it was me.

Just two months ago.

I received an email from Holvi, who provide me with my business bank account. It was a notification that my account number will change. Now, that by itself would be merely annoying, since I soon have to edit this number in various places. However, the nature of that account number chang...

Do you remember this joke?

"How much does an hipster weigh?
- 1 instagram"

I think it doesn't work anymore because Instagram is too mainstream now.

Tonight I made the choice of playing - specifically - over watching . Now after the game I'm here in front of the TV for the voting part of the show.

Regular Folks: "Message me on WhatsApp!"

People who read bad press about Facebook: "Message me on WhatsApp! Telegram is fine, too."

Nerds: "I don't use WhatsApp! Do you prefer Signal or Threema?"

Best thing about staying in hotels is breakfast buffets!

If A leads to B, over time we will forget that, take B for granted and question the need for A.

I’ve talked and written a lot about the importance of good API design. Now, in my latest guest post for Stoplight, I have explored how to design APIs following the CRUD paradigm - created, read, update, delete. While this approach is not necessarily the right one for every API, it works...

So I have recently come back to Mastadon (mainly and I'm looking for more people to follow.
Specifically looking for people interested in:

#laboratory / #laboratory_science

And like pretty much anything else similar to the above. So if you toot a lot of things related to the above I would greatly appreciate if you retoot, favourite or reply to this.

I don't always dream a lot or remember those, but now I had three nights with -themed dreams.

Star Trek Discovery 

Today I've met one of the few people who actually read terms and conditions before signing up for something on the Internet.

Star Trek Discovery (spoilers!) 

Happy International Women's Day to all my followers who identify as women!

Star Trek Discovery (spoilers!) 

Calendar Service Toot: It's the first day of the last week of February!

After explaining the difference between APIs and microservices in an article for the Stoplight API Corner, I wrote a follow-up piece talking about API design for microservices. Even though microservices APIs seem small, it’s important to design them well to build a microservices archite...

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