I’ve observed that sometimes people use the words “API” and “microservice” and mean the same thing, or they use the terms in other confusing ways. As the famous adage goes, “there’s only two hard problems in computer science, cache invalidation and naming things”, and it seems to be cor... lukasrosenstock.net/2018/12/05

*closes mastodon on laptop*
*opens mastodon on phone*

It's the first of December! Have you opened your advent calendars already?!

I'm thinking of replacing my photo avatar with a different representation of me.
Maybe 8-bit / Pixel Art or a Comic version?
Does the Fediverse have any opinion on this?

When it comes to responsibility or blame, I've noticed many people religiously preach either "it's you" or "it's them", whereas the truth is more complex and it's probably both.

The hard problem is not content discovery. It's finding the time to consume all the great content you discovered.

I always watch on Mondays but so far has not uploaded the latest episode. I hope this will happen in the next few hours.

Thank you for your interest in my talk Specification-driven API with OpenAPI! I have now uploaded the slides to SlideShare. slideshare.net/LukasRos/specif

Tonight I will be at the bits, bytes & bier #3 meetup in the FinTecSystems office in Linden near Gießen and give a talk called Specification-driven API Design with OpenAPI. It will be similar to last week’s talk, but since it’s a meetup targeted at developer, there will be an emphasis o... lukasrosenstock.net/2018/11/22

Black Friday. The day you discover who didn’t really take you off their mailing lists in May…

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Did you know you can now also follow @lukas to get my posts from micro.blog in your Mastodon or ActivityPub timeline?
Although at the moment I'm also syndicating them to this account.

Thanks to everyone who was at my talk Specification-driven API vs. Technical Writers. If you want to refresh your memory or if you haven’t been at the talk but still interested in the topic you can now get my deck on SlideShare. slideshare.net/LukasRos/specif

I’m at this year’s tekom conference and fair, also known as tcworld18, and I’m about to give a talk titled Specification-driven API vs. Technical Writers. If you found my website because of it, welcome! The slides will be published by tekom after the conference but I will also share the... lukasrosenstock.net/2018/11/15

"Do you wanna see my cat?"
Expectation: She shows you a photo.
Reality: She tunes into a livestream from a camera installed in her apartment on the other side of the world.

- "What's your name?"
- "Manil"
- "Never heard it before. Is it of Indian origin?"
- "Well, my parents took the name of the city I was born in and cut off the last letter."

I’m on a train right now on my way to London. I’ll be attending the API the Docs London 2018 conference and the first DevPortal Awards Gala, where I have the honor to announce the jury winner for the best overall developer portal on behalf of the jury members. This is also a memorable t... lukasrosenstock.net

After a longer hiatus I finally published another monthly review on my self-improvement blog: 1up.lukasrosenstock.net/2018/1

Wow, it's already my last full day in Berlin. This week went so fast.

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