Hello everyone who is new to Mastodon! Make sure you try and find some folks to follow who have been here for a long time. Don't make the mistake of just following folks joining right now or those you know from other places. Because many of these will leave soon, making you think this place is dead when in reality it's buzzing with activity. I've seen it happen too often with new social services and sites.

@hinterwaeldler It's good to start with the users instance admins boost a lot, then go through the people they follow / boost and pick the ones you like

@hinterwaeldler Check out the public timeline (local or federated) or search for hashtags. If you see something interesting just follow them. (You can still always unfollow later.)

@LukasRos Leaving Mastodon nowadays is not easy for most people, I suppose. 😅

@LukasRos Are there any users you could tag for me to follow? I just joined, and am scrolling the federated TL, but the "mute bots":"follow cool folks" ratio is not where I'd like it to be!

@bingus @LukasRos one way to discover is to explore who other people follow. You might even discover some Mastodon stars:) I don't follow most of them and I have even blocked one of the local celebrities. But this is all matter of personal taste so far (nothing bad happening really).

@saper @LukasRos @bingus It's also interesting to start paying attention to what instances the accounts are on. You can put the instance URL in your browser to see what the community is about.

Sometimes we have a thing called "Follow Fridays" where users recommend other people to follow to the general federated audience or local audience. It occurs (needless to be said) every Friday (ideally.. not strictly).

@LukasRos why not provide us with a list of interesting people?

@xvilo I feel it's kind of difficult to make suggestions because I have no way to know what you're interested in. Right now there's no general "must-follow"-person on my mind but I'll think about it.

@LukasRos I do like a lot, what are some people here that you like? And why?

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