How does one do the cool little boxes in profile on Mastodon?

[spits in spittoon] heard you folk like wholesome content and yet...

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my infant daughter just blasted a whole bunch of toots. wholesome content, folks

Just look at the 5 day report (2nd pic). Twitter announced the purge last week, so the drop off would've started on Thursday if that were the case. Instead, the number climbed and then dropped but the largest exodus of users was Friday

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Friends, tooters, lend me your ears: I know we're excited about Mastodon but I've seen some of you saying Twitter's stock is down bc of it. This is categorically false. Twitter's stock price is down bc of new EU rules that are likely going to mean all social media will have to spend tons of $ to implement. FB is even worse off, they are down nearly 1% today.

🎶Boost toot riot (riot)
Throw back a bottle of beer
Boost toot riot (riot)🎶

Go ahead and boost the toot if prison labor is slavery and the 13th Amendment should be reformed to abolish it too!

Are people unfollowing and then re-following or migrating instances: the Mastodon story

why are there so many toots? the brochure said there would only be a few toots

why did we decide to go with subtoot when silent but deadly was right there?

Chapo book coming and the first Mastodon left-on-left violence will begin

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