If you were turned into a furry, as in anthropomorphic animal with full body fur, would you still wear clothes, assuming that the temperature would allow either choice?

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Maybe I would sometimes wear some clothes purely for aesthetic reasons though.

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@LunaDragofelis Id def keep wearing clothes. Even with fur you are still effectively naked.

@LunaDragofelis Animals who don't wear clothes or at least a collar are hunted for sport.

Also, already am an anthropomorphic animal with fur. Only forehead and palms are hairless. Others really want me to wear clothes.

@mdhughes @LunaDragofelis

> Animals who don't wear clothes or at least a collar are hunted for sport.

No. No. NOT OK. *bares fangs and snarls*

@IceWolf @LunaDragofelis Oh, a dangerous animal? Yeah, we have animal control and park rangers for that.

@mdhughes @LunaDragofelis rrrrrrrrrrgghh–

(If this is a joke, it doesn't feel like it... Feels like I'm being attacked for being non-anthro.)

@IceWolf @LunaDragofelis I'm taking the premise semi-seriously, not set in some animal/anthro fantasy world like Slylock Fox or Kevin & Kell. Do what you want for your own stories, but if I'm writing or GMing, that's how Spontaneous Human Animalization occurred.

@mdhughes @LunaDragofelis Spontaneous Human Animalization?

And why would you hunt anyone for sport? That's just...


@mdhughes @LunaDragofelis Like, it feels like you're saying you're going to /hunt me down and kill me/ for merely existing... ):

@IceWolf @LunaDragofelis I wrote about a fictional question, not your religion or whatever, had no mention of you and your beliefs. Don't at me. Thanks!

...uh, okay. Untagged.

Just leaving this here -

Yeah, of course it's a fictional scenario. That doesn't mean said fictional scenario can't still be upsetting and something I'd fight.

(Also my existence that's being attacked here is also fictional, of course. But I still feel attacked. Maybe I shouldn't.)


@mdhughes Fuck right on out of here with your anti-feral bullshit. All sapients are equal, full stop. #FeralLivesMatter

>preaches hate
>don't at me

No. Get fuckkin' called out. This shit is not okay.

@IceWolf @mdhughes @moonbolt don't worry about it, i'm just reassuring mark that he's very smart and has important things to say that other people want to hear and is in no way a useless shitbag

@LunaDragofelis I would likely wear clothes both to cover up for a bit of modesty, as well as for fashion to accentuate my fabulousness!

Now if I were an anthro IRL, my style would probably change...

@LunaDragofelis Is anthro required? (:

I'm never anthro, but if I were, I wouldn't! (If society would let me get away with that.) :awoo_pixel:

@IceWolf Well, the question asked specifically for what you'd do if you were anthro. Non-anthro is valid too, just out of scope of the question.

@moonbolt Sure, that's why I specified what I meant by "furry" for the sake of this question. Feral furries are cool too.

@drwho you could always wear a utility belt if it's just for the pockets

@drwho I wouldn't consider accessories and jewelry clothing

@LunaDragofelis I wouldn't, necessarily, either, but of such things are hellthreads made.

@LunaDragofelis I'd imagine clothes with that level of fur-coverage would be uncomfortable. Plus there's the tail to consider. Personally, I think I'd do without if I could.

@LunaDragofelis I’d prolly wear lighter layers in the colder months, and next to nothing during the summer! Tank tops, shorts, skirts, or just nekkid c;

@LunaDragofelis I would normally want to opt not to wear clothes as much as possible, but I'd still wear them if needed.

@LunaDragofelis this is the only fedi demographic survey that actually matters.

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