In about 90 minutes we'll be having our first Micro-Internationale Live Stream, discussing the political situation in Austria!

Dear everyone,
On behalf of EJ (who is now on an air plane), I want to say sorry to u all that me and @emerican cannot have Breadcast at Sunday night (EST). We will re-schedule it to Monday night, 10pm EST.
Reason: EJ is still on an air plane to Hanoi at the BC time.
Thankyou so much for your understanding.
From Luna with love 😄

My picnic this week: We had some grapefruit with a Vietnamese guy who can read @emerican 's fortune :D

The sticker variety pack includes stickers for Christopher Szabo and Thought Slime and Peter Coffin and Angie Speaks and Radical Reviewer!

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You can now choose between different sticker packs, some ML- themed and some themed, or a mix of both, or you can grab the variety pack

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MAJOR UPDATE on shirt/sticker/stuff preorders. WEDNESDAY will be the last day to place a pre-order and be guaranteed we won't be out of stock. We added several shirt designs and some new products!

this was one of the most fun livestreams I've ever been a part of!
I'm glad I made it.

I'm the one from the chat whose name is "fuck you". it was like five years ago, when Google started demanding full names, and I still really can't believe that Google let me choose that name...

tell your @LunaNguyen that she's charming and beautiful.
you are too, but you already knew that.

have a nice night guys!! xx

Thoughts on this vaporwave Kropotkin Non-Compete shirt design?

Che is finally home!!! Be sure to subscribe to @LunaNguyen to see the adventures we'll be having together :D

Project Che - our first sidecar built in Vietnam! It was just a normal Honda Win 100. A Vietnamese mechanic helped us alot!
Che says hellooooo!

My new episod was on! Virtual Reality and Swan Boat in Vietnam - hope you will have a good time watching :blobaww:

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