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"Home Taping Is Killing Music": When the Music Industry Waged War on the Cassette Tape in the 1980s, and Punk Bands Fought Back

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A couple years ago, Jessi fell in love with this cute concrete dragon at a Ren Faire stand. His name is Angus.

We bought it in a color that was out of stock, so I had to go back later in the week to pick it up. Jessi was at work when I brought Angus home, so I sent her photos of Angus hanging out or getting in trouble around the house. Drinking was out of the toilet is probably my favorite. 😄 #PixelFed #photos #dragons

Saying “tweet” when I meant “toot” feels like accidentally misgendering someone

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ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

Literally just make your game look like this and I will hug you

i don't think you all understand how good furries are

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OK so is there a way to make mastodon "go to home" if you've opened enough columns that it's scrolling to the right?

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