Adult themes in #lbry , interesting platform 

Ok I love$/invite/@Lust3D:5 ( if you register you can get some coins too ) But it needs more people, there is no games , only a lot of... well, porn and hentai. The system works pretty good, but needs content... if you are a creator, it's a good place for get focus easy because is starting.

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Hey I discovered lbry, it's like a with ... if you register with the link gives me some coins... I follow back, like always!$/invite/@Lust3D:5

I just updated my gallery layout, now features movie icons, more compact, and mobile friendly.

I hope you and your family be safe during this extraordinary moments. I'm perfect and holding the pass of days without problem, meanwhile , I'm trying to animate something... #nsfw 

Cats pode ter prejuΓ­zo de 100 milhΓ΅es de dΓ³lares para a Universal

Happy new year ! I'm alive... I been doing some town assets but I didnt feel into the mood for make adult things this xmas... perhaps this weekend ?

I created a gallery for my page: Now I can drop things here and don't care much about them.

Nah I think it's a codex thing. The default mp4 choosen by ffmpeg don't suits web very well...

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I guess I must do some converting before post mp4 in . I'm pretty sure there is a codec thing. The blender videos taken directly works nice but the rendered ones by image sequence and converted via gives some problems. Somebody knows the best ffmpeg optioms or codec required ?

Oh yes! AT LEAST ! so now mastodon likes webm for convert to mp4?? O... OK !

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US hands DNS control to ICANN…

ICANN drops price caps on .org domains…

Internet Society sells .org registry to a private equity firm only a few months old...

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