I forgot about upload this here ! It's not much , but have some twerking and buttlocks showing so can be embarassing ! lbry.tv/@Lust3D:5/gazelle:c

#nsfw #gazelle #furry #zootopia #nude 

Saying goodbye to fur in cycles (it only get 7 minutes anyway but is much for animation)

Do you know post this image could ban you from ? vice.com/en_us/article/jgxd3d/

It's interesting how the shadow banning really exists and know who could get the "Protected" flag

I just updated my gallery layout, now features movie icons, more compact, and mobile friendly.

I hope you and your family be safe during this extraordinary moments. I'm perfect and holding the pass of days without problem, meanwhile , I'm trying to animate something... #nsfw 

Hey happy ! I just send some animation frames to oven. I tried a lot of new things here, and I like how it looks, even with some little imperfections... I must learn to move forward! So, here you have... It will get published in no time (Perhaps after some good sleeping hours) Preview attached. tags:

If you make some animation, you always dream with publish ... (parody, not real project !!)

When you discover an old gem game with cutscenes in old 3D without bones! ( if you notice everything is a rigid object, nothing deforms: everything it's separated and only rotates) When you insist in 3D, this things happen!

Hey I made a new version with the latest changes... ( definitive )

Sorry for the nipple! I will fix tomorrow and give more things to the scene. At least I finish painting her.

UV mapping must be an art ( or at least something where you put some effort )

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