more testing. I discovered a new way to use the NLA from Blender. It's that things looks strange at first but later is really intuitive.

More doggie fun #nsfw #animation 

Oldie render I found somewhere in my old files, featuring the wonderful tooie the roo ( ) 

At least I can upload the walking sexy hehe I think it looks nice by the moment

I will take rests this weekend from at pc ... with an haha !! Look , it's so

Until next time! I think it goes well, even if looks scary ! tehehe !

Satisfied with the I will put stuff inside latter. Yeah I know it's simplistic , It's a object for bg, not a real purpose. Perhaps some textures with drawings could be cool.

Hey look what I found, it's a new open source modeller ! Looks interesting... I think looks nice for someone in a hurry or having less experience. . Funny name *winks*

Just doing and watching , a crazy animation from 1974 ... this is sooo ... wow... You must watch xD

Well the rig works stretching the another parts and so on, but it needs tweak and work in zone. 

Nice day ! I was about to say I usually but I'm outside from home until . I expect back to it around that days. I will advert it then. πŸ””

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