Hey happy ! I just send some animation frames to oven. I tried a lot of new things here, and I like how it looks, even with some little imperfections... I must learn to move forward! So, here you have... It will get published in no time (Perhaps after some good sleeping hours) Preview attached. tags:

When youtube recomends you this : youtu.be/AK-msMUQAQg I admit I like the trash but this is absurd.

more testing. I discovered a new way to use the NLA from Blender. It's that things looks strange at first but later is really intuitive.

More doggie fun #nsfw #animation 

The model is from @carbiid3 : furaffinity.net/view/32654230/ She is pretty hot! I enjoy a lot working with her!

Oldie render I found somewhere in my old files, featuring the wonderful tooie the roo ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tooieandkoie/ ) 

At least I can upload the walking sexy hehe I think it looks nice by the moment

I will take rests this weekend from at pc ... with an haha !! Look , it's so

Until next time! I think it goes well, even if looks scary ! tehehe !

Satisfied with the I will put stuff inside latter. Yeah I know it's simplistic , It's a object for bg, not a real purpose. Perhaps some textures with drawings could be cool.

Hey look what I found, it's a new open source modeller ! Looks interesting... I think looks nice for someone in a hurry or having less experience. dust3d.org . Funny name *winks*

Just doing and watching , a crazy animation from 1974 ... this is sooo ... wow... You must watch xD

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