I discovered Rimba Racer ... its better than expected , have some ideas. And of course those characters ! Some of them remembers me from another places. You can watch it here : m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL

UV mapping must be an art ( or at least something where you put some effort )

more testing. I discovered a new way to use the NLA from Blender. It's that things looks strange at first but later is really intuitive.

More doggie fun #nsfw #animation 

I just discovered the Fenrir-Lunaris , they looks so awesome (specially if you are a ) They are really recommended!


I will post something I can't put in the tag. While I I have normal dreams about people, places, usually unknown to me. I'm pretty sure they are created by my mind, of course, nothing supernatural here. Sometimes I dream with some element, like a book, a game, or something else. Usually all Dream becomes like an adventure to obtain that element or watch it. Beign really young (around 11 years old ) I had two strong dreams with literally furries. (Continues ... )

Felidae it's an animation movie about a cat looking to resolve a mistery around the house where he just moved in. I'm watching it at background and it's interesting: it's artistic, experimental and absolutely not for kids !

Oldie render I found somewhere in my old files, featuring the wonderful tooie the roo ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tooieandkoie/ ) 

I'm gonna start watching "The Roman de Renart" an good in the line of Robin Hood ... but with boobs!! There is something naughty in this movie... hehe I recommend it.

At least I can upload the walking sexy hehe I think it looks nice by the moment

Rolf the latest 19.04 with that dingo sounds like a thing

Good morning , time to ?? I just can't believe I'm so close to feel satisfied with the result, she looks great smiling! A bit , but doesn't look bad!

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