Show more Thanks you like always for your kind words!!

Thanks pal!! Let's see if I can make it less robotic but my intention is not make a GREAT animation, it's more for give some intro...

more testing. I discovered a new way to use the NLA from Blender. It's that things looks strange at first but later is really intuitive. Thanks you pal ! I think Luna idea like a dog is pretty interesting.

More doggie fun #nsfw #animation Hey thanks for the response, I was wishing speak something with you , anything goes ! πŸ€— I'm not much into politics so I guess I'm out of problems. I have my own opinions and they are out of here, I prefer another themes for the net. I think is more worried about if you are a bot or putting warez than politics (unless you are Right)

@ranx Hey I loved her being young! First interests in girls being a kid! Boys Boys Boys!!

@HikikoStar Telling to the most close persons it's the natural move. They can give the first help, later you will have to do it to unknown persons, I think that could be harder to do.

@MirceaKitsune I just started to watch him after discover the games, but I was missed the game, looks really nice! Thanks

@MirceaKitsune Thanks you ! I was only looking at ! There is a lot of fans of the rpg system... Looking I just find this :

@MirceaKitsune Can you recommend me games from him ( or furry indie rpgs in general ) ? Actually the only "complete" games I found are those of before (FFantasy and Vikings)

@MirceaKitsune this one specially is a old one, little in execution. You work in a (tech?!) market. Nothing special, but funny. The picture is from the ending. The game is called "Meh"

@MirceaKitsune I'm actually playing the Final Fantasy one ( it's good) and later the Vikings Of Midgard

I just discovered the Fenrir-Lunaris , they looks so awesome (specially if you are a ) They are really recommended!

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