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If you make some animation, you always dream with publish ... (parody, not real project !!)

When you discover an old gem game with cutscenes in old 3D without bones! ( if you notice everything is a rigid object, nothing deforms: everything it's separated and only rotates) When you insist in 3D, this things happen!

Ok in the new season of there is a moment where it's commented the genitalia of a horse in the series... and it appears to be like the animal thing ...

When youtube recomends you this : I admit I like the trash but this is absurd.

Hey I made a new version with the latest changes... ( definitive )

Ok, I just discovered the new trailer for the new 3DCG movie from Adams family. I always had mixed feelings about adams family, because I love the concept and the monster/ death obsesion, but I think it failed a bit in the development of story. Now with the new movie I can't found nothing special about it, it's true the girl must be like a corpse, but it features a pretty strange mouth movements, excessive strange... and the story don't take my attention... (the girl takes on that teen years...) Thanks you pal, you always gives the best kindly words!

Sorry for the nipple! I will fix tomorrow and give more things to the scene. At least I finish painting her.

Just discovered Lupen the third : the first, an upcoming 3DCG movie . It looks amazing , remembers me that Popeye thing years ago. I wait the studios in Japan not be considering the 3D like the objetive in the next years... here is the trailer :

I discovered Rimba Racer ... its better than expected , have some ideas. And of course those characters ! Some of them remembers me from another places. You can watch it here :

One point more for : Eugen Rochko already notice the idea about show number of favorites : it can create envy or behavior for raise favs. She simply remove it from timeline. Suddenly ( and instagram oc) will do the same. Stealing ideas, uh???

UV mapping must be an art ( or at least something where you put some effort )

Wohohoho !!! AMAZING !! I missed this , I love shin megami series !! Mhhh time to play something new !!

Shin Megami Tensei IF

I keep working , I discovered some problems with the rig but everything goes fine.

I changed my page to mastodon. Actually I don't have time to update the page and in mastodon the updates are lighting fast!!

Testing city and environment. It's not much, but for me it's ... wow. I really needed a place where put the action. ( the lines is for fun )

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