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UV mapping must be an art ( or at least something where you put some effort )

Wohohoho !!! AMAZING !! I missed this , I love shin megami series !! Mhhh time to play something new !!

Shin Megami Tensei IF

I keep working , I discovered some problems with the rig but everything goes fine.

I changed my page to mastodon. Actually I don't have time to update the page and in mastodon the updates are lighting fast!!

Testing city and environment. It's not much, but for me it's ... wow. I really needed a place where put the action. ( the lines is for fun )

Thanks pal!! Let's see if I can make it less robotic but my intention is not make a GREAT animation, it's more for give some intro...

more testing. I discovered a new way to use the NLA from Blender. It's that things looks strange at first but later is really intuitive.

More doggie fun #nsfw #animation 

I just discovered the Fenrir-Lunaris , they looks so awesome (specially if you are a ) They are really recommended!

The story about this dreams can't be more epic , teen oriented : I'm a choosen one who they summomed to help them with some risky task it only can be done by a human kid. For some unknown reason, this dreams are really vivid, and I can remember them perfectly, even now so much years later. ( continue)

I will post something I can't put in the tag. While I I have normal dreams about people, places, usually unknown to me. I'm pretty sure they are created by my mind, of course, nothing supernatural here. Sometimes I dream with some element, like a book, a game, or something else. Usually all Dream becomes like an adventure to obtain that element or watch it. Beign really young (around 11 years old ) I had two strong dreams with literally furries. (Continues ... )

I can't do 3d this weekend. I will try to write something.

Felidae it's an animation movie about a cat looking to resolve a mistery around the house where he just moved in. I'm watching it at background and it's interesting: it's artistic, experimental and absolutely not for kids !

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