drew my bf's #pathfinder2e character for his bday! their name is Batag and they're a human cleric "blessed" by Lamashtu with a hyena head and a highkey thirst for blood
#mastoart #ttrpg #pathfinder #furry (sort of)

furry, technically sfw but with context is not sfw and in fact pretty much entirely a kink thing, sketch Show more

i can't believe after all the stuff i said about clown teeth and mayo on pizza, people think my most cursed post is the ketchup one

based on meme longevity, i'd say one tumblr year is about 50 mastodon years

Because a hate group is causing @BigLotteryFund@twitter.com to reconsider donating to @Mermaids_Gender@twitter.com I've donated £100, I know it's not lottery money but I hope it helps.

You can donate here: mydonate.bt.com/charities/merm

there's also this new site called cumblr thats gonna replace tumblr
check that out

@nowhereislands did you legitimately just call Voltron "V slur"

is that a thing

is that the literal state of that show's audience.

I am still trying to draw animal/anthro/furry heads right. Seems I can only draw felines properly...

#mastoart #furry

That's right, we're "toothing" all the time over here in the fediverse.

hey mastodon, next mastocon is under the overpass and we all have to come in sick cybergoth outfits ok

Me wrenching myself from sleep and seeing posts about bots

miss me w/ that gay shit....oh brb my boyfriend texted me :>

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