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I picked a bad time to be using venmo apparently

Another day, another failed audition. I don't know why I bother trying out for things when I'm obviously not good enough to get cast.

Post-finals malaise. No idea what to do, nothing feels worth doing. Blegh.

Not a threat, just an observation that all men are mortal, and the dude is like 70 and doesn't seem at all physically healthy.

I want to live long enough to picket Trump's funeral one day.

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My professor just outright said Hitler promised to "Make Germany great again". Shade thrown.

I remember when I was in shape, and wasn't the kind of guy who would randomly stress-eat most of an entire pizza.

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Asking victims to compromise with abusers is not how you fight oppression. See also: all of history.

If you're in a music mood, an acquaintance of mine has a pretty good band. babysongs.bandcamp.com/

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Now that I remember it, Call of Duty started out as a thematic reaction to Medal of Honor, which was itself the gung-ho war simulator that was too preoccupied with recreating movie and TV tropes to take it's subject matter seriously. The 1st COD games drove home how being a soldier in those times sucked ass, and how the farmers recruited en masse to fight weren't ready for the hell they were being pushed into

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Probably fixed the 500 errors on mastodon.social

Someone apparently made a fully playable version of Pokemon Red in Minecraft.

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A lot of people I know share RT content without realizing what RT is

DO NOT share RT
DO NOT retweet RT

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I thought this place was actually supposed to do something about right wing concern trolls? I've been seeing more of them here than on birdsite lately.

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