I got a gomicro.co clip-on magnifier from the Exploratorium in San Francisco and took this picture with my phone of a bit of Italian (flat) parsley leaf with all the pores magnified to freckles and a pointy tip almost like a rose thorn at the end of the leaf.

I think this seedling growing out of a San Francisco downspout might be manzanita. Guessing a bird dropped the seed on the roof and it washed down. Difficult to see in the photo but I think it has that reddish bark on the stems.

Exceptional bit of post-post-industrial arrested-decay urban retro-medieval courtyard/house design for a mild climate that gets heat waves too: a double-layered brick wall on the ground floor of a residential building in a downtown San Francisco alley. Outer layer mock-crumbled away in a stylish scallop, inner layer a bit higher, both stopping short of the first-floor ceiling; the gap fenced with planks and rebar. Next to it, a tough fine-mesh steel security gate with extra steel lattice above.

Hi, I'm still mainly on the bird app but will see how that changes with time. This is a photo I posted earlier at twitter.com/MBridegam/status/1 .


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