I offer video, continuation of previous publication. On video can see as object/FO/ radiates from above white color, below red. Object of oval form, very quickly move.

I offer photos of object/FO/. On photo 1 object radiates violet color, on photo2 intensive red radiation, photo3 yellow color. I take notice of this is one object at different times of flight.

I offer video ,where object/FO/ does not move in space. He is seen very well, as energy streams slowly on surface of object, like transparent liquid. Centre of surface of object moves.

On video object/FO/is on orbit in atmosphere of the earth accelerate motion. Energy revolves around object like transparent plasma.

On video objects is on orbit in atmosphere of the earth accelerate motion . Energy revolves around object like transparent plasma.

Objects/FO/in atmosphere of the earth move on different orbits and differ each other by color.

Size of objects/FO/ on scale of the earth is fantastical. For example objects can see in camera on height of the Moon/384,4 thousands km/. Objects do not use motion as jet propulsion, but use energy unknown for man.

I offer you video. Object going into orbit of the earth and moves with great acceleration.

On photo/cutting from video/ can see excellently object and energy belt.

On video object/FO/ moves in atmosphere of the earth. It consist from two part: inside part-object in form of circle. On surface of circle revolve energy belt, thus object fulfils movement.

When object/FO/ comes flying on orbit of the earth ,changes his form.On photo 1 object look as white circle,, along perimeter blue radiation. On photo 2 circular luminescence in form of bright sharp rays.

Object/FO/ is approaching to orbit in atmosphere of the earth become transformed from rhombus to round form .Intensify radiation, change colour.See photo 1,2,3,4. I invite to visit my profile, acquaint with previous publications, that you will be in theme.

Before going into orbit o earth object/FO/ have form of rhombus with red colour along perimeter and even radiation of energy in space.See photo.

Everyday in atmosphere of the earth objects are flying/i call them FO/.Objects FO come flying in atmosphere of the earth at an angle of 90 degree to surface, conditionally the sun in zenith and moved from East to west on definite orbits .At the same time you can see from 1 to 10 objects Pay attention to everybody in his dislocation can observe objects and fix on photo and video .

I offer you information based on my astronomical observations to the Moon and objects in atmosphere of the earth. Authenticity will verify unique photo of author and video.


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