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So... I... uh... I did a thing. At last. After months of procrastination and whatnot, my Patreon page is finally live!


If you like my arty stuff and would like to see me scribble more, take a look. There's perks like free wallpaper downloads and prints and whatnot if you're into that sort of thing πŸ˜‰

And, as always, a boost or two will be massively appreciated as I try to heave this thing off the ground πŸ™ πŸ’–

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Been rather ill the last few days so haven't been arting much - but now it's 2am and I'm scrubbing happily away at my banana rhinocerous and life is good.

Or maybe I'm just high on turpentine fumes. I'mma go open another window. 😷

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AGH scanning this was.. grr. Troubleshooting, deleting/reinstalling drivers, scanning, editing, and trying for an hour to get the colours kind of sort of right after they were mutilated by the scanner... eventually I grumbled "this'll do," and put it up on Redbubble on the off chance that y'all might like a print:


If you can't buy, plz boost, every little helps me make more art πŸ’– πŸ™ On that note, I've got a yellow rhino to paint 😁

#arttoot #mastoart #prints #painting

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So... I bin absent πŸ˜“ There are times that I get myself into a big ol' funk and I tend to withdraw, not make art, avoid social media and just generally sit around being all sad n'stuff.

But I have a fix, of sorts. It's called "sit down and make stuff". So I cleaned out my lil studio, then made a big ol mess scrubbing out some quick oil portraits. Just finished this lady, and I'm feeling real good for the first time in a while 😊

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I've set up a ko-fi page, as my computer's in sore need of a part or two if I want to keep doing the digital arty wotsits πŸ™

If you can help, it would be hugely, muchly, eternally appreciated:

Or, if you'd like to commission a painting/drawing/sketch/portrait whatnot, I've currently got space for a few projects in my schedule πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

There, advertising done. I'mma go draw a rhinoceros in a tutu. For no other reason than I've never drawn a rhino doing ballet, and I want to.

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So I was at an office supply shop the other day and they had these ridiculously tiny little canvases, couldn't help myself.

Only problem is I'm a wee bit stumped as to what to put on them.

So how about it? Anyone want a teensy weensy itty bitty li'l oil painting they can call their very own? I'm thinking a portrait/pet portrait (though I'm open to suggestions if you've got something else in mind) - for, shall we say, $30?

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A little more shameless self-promotion πŸ˜… I tossed last night's floofy doodle up on Redbubble just in case anyone wants a print.

Not gonna lie, things are a wee bit tight right now money-wise, so if you happen to need a new phone case or notebook and choose one with a bit of my art smeared all over it, I'd be hugely grateful πŸ™ I've also got some commission slots open if anyone'd like me to doodle just for them 😊

floof: redbubble.com/people/embiearts

+ my redbubble portfolio: redbubble.com/people/embiearts

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Here's an older digital piece; I always liked drawing giants (and monsters, and dragons, and, well, anything fantastical 😁)

I'm a little annoyed at myself - the girl and the flower she's holding up isn't as clear as it could be, but oh well, it's an old piece. Might have to draw it again sometime, just for the exercise of it ...πŸ€”

#art #artist #mastoart #digitalart #illustration #fantasy #fantasyart #drawing

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It's been a weird and annoying couple of days; been riddled with anxiety, brain running on overdrive and just generally feeling lousy.

So a couple hours ago I sat down, and started to draw a floof.

And it's possibly the floofiest lil' floof I've ever drawn. Fluffy textures are had to get right and I'm not 100% satisfied with this attempt...

But it's a nice lil floof anyhow, and I'm slightly less yucked than before so yay πŸ™‚

#mastoart #dogs #sketch #drawing #art #creativetoot

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Sooo... it's a rainy day.

Didn't much feel like drawing.

Did have a well-stocked pantry with a little too much sugar and butter and flour, which clearly needed to be dealt with urgently.


Now I have cookies. Sour cherry and "unicorn" flavoured cookies.

I also have a mild sugar high.



#baking #creativetoot #food #cookies

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I don't do much with watercolours these days - I'm not all that good at them - but every now and then I take out my box'n'brushes for a little bit of playtime.

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Video of my portrait painting is up on Youtube, after an evening of carefully picking out all the frames where I got bored and opened Mastodon over the Photoshop window πŸ˜…

It's around four hours of art squished into 5 minutes, with free muzac slapped on top.

Also, I'm basically new to Youtube, so would super appreciate any support, likes, boosts, whatever else to help get it off the ground πŸ’–πŸ’–

#mastoart #art #artist #creativetoot #painting #digitalart


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Finished! ...well, as finished as it's going to get. Wanted to keep this exercise fairly rough and loose. Dunno what it was about this lady, only had a plain stock photo to work from, but I really dug painting her.

I also recorded the painting process as an experiment, just to see how it might turn out - anyone interested in a speedy video of this one?

Also also, I suck at titles. πŸ€” Suggestions?

#art #artist #mastoart #creativetoot #portrait #painting #digitalart #drawing #woman

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Work very much in progress...

Trying to get back into digital painting properly after a long absence, so I'm hammerin' out a quick portrait to get the feeling back in my fingers. Trying a colouring technique I've not used before, and some new oil brushes and blenders.

About an hour and a half in at this point, long way to go and lots to fix and fiddle with, but I'm enjoying it.

#artist #art #digitalart #mastoart #painting #portrait #woman #wip

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So, this is an ancient work, back from when I decided to try my hand at painting on my Ipad, at a time when the ipad 2 counted as a new-fangled device.

Scribbled it out over several hours using the procreate app and a pressure-sensitive pen that cost WAY too much money for how little I wound up using itπŸ˜…

Bonus nerd points if you can tell me who 'tis and where I got the inspiration image from.

#portrait #portraiture #art #digitalart #mastoart #creativetoot #painting #drawing #artist

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This is probably the piece in my portfolio that I'm proudest of right now.

It was a bastard to finish (took a few weeks!) and I'm fairly certain that if I'd had to paint one more pipe or cable I'd have gone completely off my damn rocker.

Wasn't made for any reason in particular, other than I had an itch to paint a giant robot. I go a little nuts with art every now and then, and sometimes it works out 😁

#art #artoot #mastoart #artist #digitalart #robot #illustration #painting #drawing

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A little while ago I drew a happy lil gator.

Because sometimes, you just have to draw a happy lil gator 🐊🐊

#mastoart #art #artist #arttoot #creativetoot #animals #nature #reptiles #alligator #animal #cute #lizard #reptile #sketch #drawing

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Right, so, wow, I'm a little in awe of the response I've gotten to this pic. Thanks so much you guys! πŸ’– 😊 πŸ’–

A couple of people have asked where to get prints so I hastily shoved it up on Redbubble; everything from stickers to journals to phone cases to... well, they do a lot of stuff. So, link below:


#digitalart #mastoart #creativetoot #art #artist #creative #painting #drawing #illustration #octopus #ocean #print #prints #redbubble

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