SO, first toot! Figured I'd sign up and see what this platform is all about. I'm not so great at the twitters and bookfaces and all this digital screaming into the void, but I'mma give it a shot anyhow.

Also, here's an experimental I'm currently working on, not a mastodon but close enough, not finished but I think you can see what it is . Feedback always welcome ^_^

@slipstream Thanks!

And I'll definitely give that page a read, looks helpful. Thanks again! 😁 👍

@MJBlacke Also, following @Curator is a good way to see art things that people are doing.

@MJBlacke I have no art expertise whatsoever so here's my very non-technical feedback: wow, awesome!

@jkb :blobaww: Aw, thanks so much!

(non-technical (nice) feedback is always great, it feeds my hungry, hungry ego 😜)

@zorglubu Oh bollocks 😅 I've stitched myself up a bit here, haven't I?

I'd best rush back to the drawing board, seems I have work to do 🖌 🤔

@MJBlacke hey welcome! I like your use of color :)

Let me know if you have any questions, or try #needhelp where theres usually a few people hanging around

@MJBlacke Welcome! I only arrived today myself. That painting is amazing, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

@MJBlacke Hi and welcome! The textures and colours of your painting is amazing, so vital! Love your avvie too :)

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