100% of the $50+ tier commissions on my Patreon will go toward organizations working in the Amazon rainforest for August and September.

Link for more information: patreon.com/posts/29378333

Please like and RT.

A lot of people know me for , but did you know I also have a Patreon exclusive called "Game Night"? It's a YA slice-of-life romance comic that features a tabletop rpg group at uni.

I update weekly with comic pages or the script: patreon.com/sealegscomic

Dipping my toes in drawing lewd art. Once I get to $250/mo on Patreon, lewd enters the $12+ Patron reward.

Slightly under the weather, but continuing with my big small sea creatures series has helped.

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PETER PAN: we meet again, Captain Hook

CAPTAIN HOOK: well well well-- wait u guys call me Hook?


CAPTAIN HOOK: because of the hand?

PETER PAN: ...i'm sorr-

CAPTAIN HOOK: wow ok hey my dads dead too why not call me captain dead dad

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jazz_inmypants/sta

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Read my comic!!!

SOFTIES is a silly outer space adventure about a girl named Kay who stows away on an alien garbage truck after the Earth just kind of explodes.

You can catch up on all the episodes at softies.net

More big sea creatures being small, featuring the Polar Bear Express Pilot!

Since I've been fairly inspired with this "series", if I get to ten of them I'll put their designs on TeePublic for other people to enjoy.

When big sea creatures are in smol things. :)

Continuing the low key project that may or may not turn into a series. :D

Large sea creature in smol situations.

Hubs calls this "walfee and donuts".

What happens when a friend misreads a quote from another friend, and it becomes "A little whale washes us of this deed".

A teaser for 's monthly illustration on Patreon for $3+! I'm really happy with the color palette for this one.

Sea Legs returns from its hiatus in AUGUST.

Read the comic: sealegscomic.com
Patreon: patreon.com/sealegscomic

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Omg! I have an exciting and maybe wholesome idea, like we should just have some kind of fan art day, but where we do fan art for each other on here!

Either people's 'sonas, or other stuff.

It'd be like the subtoot day, but instead everyone will be drawing Mint and fawning over them! :minthappy:

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I finished my personal piece, which I lovingly call "robonouveau".

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WIP for a personal piece I'm working on. The working title is "robonouveau", but I'm sure I'll change it to something more serious and profound.

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