"From an accessibility standpoint, why is the committee putting the onus on the individual to have to request it every time? We don't only caption videos if someone asks--captions should always be available. We don't only install elevators if a person who can't take the stairs is hired; they're already in buildings. The infrastructure to allow people to participate is the responsibility of the institution, not of the individual." (1/2)

(2/2) This was my response just now to a survey regarding the new requirement that people have to ask for the zoom link for the library's staff meetings in advance, instead of the link being made available automatically.

We've got a person hung-up on in person attendance. Last month, the vast majority of attendees were in the room (5 of us online).

It pisses me off that this person doesn't see the choice isn't between method of attendance, but between attending online or not at all.


@scissortail Sounds like they want to keep track of who is not attending in person solely to be able to ask them why they aren't coming in person -- and possibly to also pressure them to attend. Sounds like unprofessional behavior to me.

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@MLISrevenge More like the few extroverts on staff are weirded out by not having People! to Talk to! and didn't think through the implications of the decision.

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