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I don't think Arnold likes scrambled eggs...

Arnold health update:

So far Arnold seems have mostly recovered from yesterday. He actually ate something today and so far he kept it as well.

you know for bein so desinterested in eating, Arnold is still very much interested in at least getting food.

He also behaves like always during walks, so I think it's just a case of bad tummy/the heat that's giving him trouble

I think Arnold is really not feeling all that great, because he barely touched the food I just gave him.

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I think I finally figured out what I want to with my cursed powers of videogames making.

Not telling you though because it's still a while until it's beyond the "I have a bunch of ideas but nothing else" state.

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Hey all, I have a month to come up with 2000 dollars or I won’t be able to continue at uni. I’ve been working my ass off but I’m at a stand still. I’ve already paid 4000 and I can provided documentation if anyone needs it. Please help. my paypal:

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Here's a thing I haven't done in ages: did you know you can buy my book of cyberpunk gonzo travel musings around the world?

so now there's notjing to do until 11:30 I really should find a nice hiding place to snooze away

currently don't have any work until 9am. Tempted to take a quick nap on this bench...

just remembered that I now have a phone that could play Neko Atsume...

may also be a sign that you've made some poor life choices

Signs that you've turned into a boring adult: Taking a bus on a Saturday night, but instead of going home after a night of partying, you have to go to work.

It was said that the Vampire's hordes were too many, his fortress to well defended to launch a direct assault.

But you thought different.

I just remembered the "Captain Future" Anime series that was running on German TV when I was a kid and apparently it never got translated into English?

Either way the Soundtrack for the German version was pretty dope and the main reason why I thought about it at all:

big fan of this aesthetic. I think no matter if I end up finishing this game or not, I'm going to keep this look either way.

Earlier today I made a snarky tweet about powerpoint presentations and I just had the official MS office account tweet some stuff at me.

What's up with companies not being able to leave dorks like me alone`?

Anxiety is cool because it makes me panic about maybe getting fired from this job I don't want to have.