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Dark Souls cold take Show more

Grief, food Show more

Grief, food Show more

scratch that, the game crashes when I try to capture it.

kind of feeling like streaming some Dark Souls 1? Maybe even do a full playthrough of it...

took a nap, and I think I stopped being mad at this Dog.

He's still banned from lying on the bed for today though.

Now you can play Skuiggle with your friend, even if you only have one gamepad lying around! Just control the second player with the right analogue stick!

went grocery shopping, felt incredibly stressed out for some reason and of course Arnold had to decide that now would be a good time to rip apart a bunch of boxes that were lying in a corner of my bedroom.

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it wasn't a big deal before I took him, because my Mom lived in fairly rural area, but I live downtown and there are cars and cylcists and way more people that don't like dogs around.

realizing that I really need to figure out how to properly train this dog, because I don't think I can stand being this stressed out everytime I go for a longer walk with him.

He's sort of smart and all that, problem is that when outside he's so focused on everything else, that he barely listens to commands.

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This dog weighs around 40kilogram and I swear most it is because of this giant square head of his.

Spending my friday evening on the couch next to, and partially under a snoring labrador.

My previous game was a pixelart platformer and it didn't do great financially.

Naturally my next commercial thing is going to be a pixelart platformer.

Not going to say more until I have substantially more to show off though...

this is going to be a completely new thing by the way. I kind of realized that the previous thing I wanted to make is just way too big for me to handle right now.

I'm not abandoning that idea. I'm just going to shelve it, until I hopefully have more ressources.

That's a pretty elaborate movment system for a platformer build in about three days.

I can already start building stuff with this...

okay, so right now you can aim with your right stick, but also lock your aim in place with a button press. This at least makes it a bit less tedious to use, but I'm still not fully happy.

I think I just got an idea...

to elaborate:

I want people to be able to aim manually with the right analogue stick, but also give them a lot of movement options (running, dashing, rolling, backdashing, etc.) problem is that analogue stick aiming (as I said earlier today) makes the face buttons almost impossible to be used. So you'll risk losing a lot of your mobility while shooting stuff and that feels terrible.