Also by the way, I'm trying my best not to be subtle about this game's subject:

Hey evening friends, did you see the trailer for my next game?

You should! It's good (the game is, I don't know about the trailer)

sometimes you have ideas for enemies that aren't necessarily fair, but just way to funny not to make anyway.

This enemy will charge up an attack once you shoot it and the more you hit them the more powerful the shot at end will be.

If you're really good at mashing you can completely destroy yourself in one shot.

Okay friends, yesterday I said that Splinter Zone was cheap because of some Holiday sale, but I totally forgot to tell you that it was the one happening on Steam and also post a link to said sale.

So to do it again:

Splinter Zone is once again available for a laughable (but still very much appreciated) amount of money:

Oh wowza, it's the Winter Sale and Splinter Zone is once again available for a laughable (but still very much appreciated) amount of money:

was rummaging through my drawers to search for for manuals from my PC hardware and instead found an envelope full of pictures from the last Millenium:

please direct any complaints about how this doesn't make any business sense or whatever to my marketing department:

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hey friends, to celebrate itchio waving its cut for the its black friday sale, I went ahead and made Splinter Zone twice as expensive!

I figured it might be smarter to put all of the game's tiles into one big spritesheet and had tons of fun assembling it today.

Hey, I'm broke, need pay 70€ because I missed my therapist appointment for silly reasons and coincedentally Splinter Zone is 25% off on Steam.
I would really appreciate people buying a copy or two:

Still in awe how incredible No Man's Sky looks at low resolution.

This has to be one of the weirdest bugs I ever encountered:

I made a thing where you can roll against treest to get items, which kind of works. The problem is that leaving and entering the area for some reason spawns the town's shopkeeper in its place?

flashing lights, mental health 

For some reason (I blame my ADHD for it) I dug out this old thing today and did some more work. It's even less readable than before, but looks much cooler because of it and it's also very close to being done? Maybe one, or two days of work?

Even at the end of History, Artists deserve to be compensated for their work.

Okay I spent the last couple of hours changing colours, reducing details and whatever and this game looks so much more coherent now.

here's another test with a different limited palette but more colours per sprite, I think I need to change the colours of all of my sprites for this game now...

looked through my screenshot folder and I found this thing from some random email I must've gotten after Splinter Zone came out:

the fight ist still very rough around the edges, but it exists in the game, which I never managed to do before, so I'm really happy right now!

finally got around to doing a bit more work on this game. The areas now have enemies in them!

corona food 

this is how my grocery store looked like

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