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Hitman is just a point and click adventure game pretending to be a AAA action game and that's such a good well for comedic absurdity

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#TrainYourBabyLikeADog Bei RTL wird aktuell eine Sendung ausgestrahlt, bei welcher verzweifelte Eltern lernen ihre Kinder mittels Klickertraining - bekannt aus Hundeschulen - erziehen. 1/6

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Which name is more cool?

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Everywhere pol 

If you're on the left and don't think identity politics matter... well, you're wrong, and you can continue being wrong, but that won't change anything about identity politics being measurably, statistically, real. Nor does it stop you being an arsehole for not listening to the lived experiences of a ton of people :blobcatcool:


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*at the annual JRPG designers conference*

my fellow designers. we all know that it is good when number goes up

*nods and murmurs of approval*

but have we ever dared to consider... what if number... went down?

*i am pelted with rotten fruit and tomatoes and am forced to resign*

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it's out! i published it!
~ new Tetrageddon Games is here!
a new space for all the games
on a desktop haunted by skeletons of the past
Flash is gone, so is Cybermonkey
and more!
(warning: flashing colors)

I wrote words about 2020 and how weird of a year it was, because personally I felt pretty great for most of it:

I recently rememberd that two years ago I made this Fireworks game thing on New Year's Eve and it feels kind of useful this year, with the lockdown and all that?

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A dear friend set a positive and hopeful challenge for next New Years' Eve, but my brain keeps circling back here.

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Last year at Feral Vector, we ran an honest-to-goodness wrestling match: VIDEOGAMES vs ART: THE DECIDER

Some amazing friends turned it into a professionally lit, five camera shoot, and this week pulled a Christmas miracle out the bag. Here it is for everyone:

Okay friends, yesterday I said that Splinter Zone was cheap because of some Holiday sale, but I totally forgot to tell you that it was the one happening on Steam and also post a link to said sale.

So to do it again:

Splinter Zone is once again available for a laughable (but still very much appreciated) amount of money:

Oh wowza, it's the Winter Sale and Splinter Zone is once again available for a laughable (but still very much appreciated) amount of money:

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did the location of PSU's in PC cases change over the years?

I feel like I'm meant to put this thing at the bottom of a case, but mine has its PSU slot at the top.

Pick a Level:

I'm also regretting that I forgot to backup all the music I've composed over the past two years.
I have some of it, but a bunch of cool stuff is currently not accesible.

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Looking through some of my other projects that I managed to save from my PC and getting hit really hard by how good a lot of it is and how I can and cannot understand that I didn't finish any of it.

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