Each country is picking up speed in the implementation of 5G. With 5G, we will have a world where various things operate autonomously. At that time, MOOVER will be recognized as a common existence.


The MOOVER project is moving forward in small steps upon discussions with various associated companies such as the telecommunication carriers. Please have understanding on that there are matters that we cannot make public at our sole discretion.


We are always tackling various issues, but one of them that bares a lot of weight is the design related to Oracles. This is due to our goal of a distributed model, where we feel the value lies.


With strengthened relationships with telecom carriers, most of the specifications for the initial API is now complete. Included are some mechanisms that were not included in the draft stages.

Thank you to the many direct messages we have received! We cannot answer to these but will use it as our energy source! We will also utilize these voices to better the quality of the MOOVER sharing system!

Our move to Mastodon and termination of customer support (excluding inquiries for account management) are positive events! By doing so we can concentrate our resources on the development team. Also, we are able to show the telecoms that we have an effective and working information management structure.

From today, our announcements for MOOVER have moved from Twitter to the decentralized network of Mastodon! Thanks, and good bye Twitter! Hello Mastodon!

MOOVER official account:


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