We are working hard with the telecom carriers to fix the problems found on MOOVER network beta version. Cooperation from many telecom carriers is crucial to remedy the problem. We ask for the carriers in question to answer to our requests.

Complicated issues have come up with the beta version of the MOOVER network. We are working to resolve them with our talented development team, but we will require more time to do the closed release.

The MOOVER network has started its beta version’s initial validation! We are preparing for the closed release of this beta version. Invitations to the beta version will be done to selected contributors.

We have had conflicting demands within the alliance and have decided to separate out a few companies. These telecom carriers will create a new alliance to negotiate a partnership with MOOVER.

We are receiving from the telecom carriers, numerous revision proposals for the specs of the decentralized Oracle of MOOVER. Each carrier is making conflicting requests and we may have to divide the alliance.

The development of the functions for each layer of the MOOVER network is moving along well. However we are facing a major issue on the sending and receiving of external data. It will take us more time to enter the beta testing phase.

We have been able to complete the MOOVER alliance contract! With this, we can expect a surge in interest from telecom carriers joining the alliance.

We are always tackling various issues, but one of them that bares a lot of weight is the design related to Oracles. This is due to our goal of a distributed model, where we feel the value lies.

We are in the final stages of formalizing the agreement for the MOOVER alliance. The hurdle now is that the MOOVER tokens owned by each company is not enough. The companies of the alliance are showing interest in obtaining those tokens from the public market.

We have deployed the alpha version of the MOOVER network to the testnet! We will now begin rigorous testing.

In the global situation as it stands, although mobile communication is a primary communication tool, there are amazingly a large number of people with difficulty in access due to expensive communication fees. MOOVER will create a world where anyone can access the information they need, when they need it, through sharing of mobile data.

We have officially decided to build the mainnet of MOOVER on Ethereum! We will now begin the preparations for the incremental migration. A good wave always follows a big decision.

We have requests from a mobile related firm to acquire MOOVER tokens. Various companies are wanting the tokens to offer as rewards to increase user engagements!

One of the goals of MOOVER can be seen as the reduction of digital divide. In other words, by ensuring the fair distribution of information, we are able to create a more productive world. With people receiving the benefits of this, the value of MOOVER tokens will significantly rise.

For the alpha version, we have integrated the sharing system with the AI Sys! We have also started test transactions with attribute data, through cooperation with a few mobile carriers. Repeatedly sending large amounts of transactions provides the AI with the opportunity to learn. Important to point out is that the cooperation with the carriers was made possible by their satisfaction in the quality of our alpha version product. Be prepared for the positive influence of this on the MOOVER tokens!

MOVEトークンの交換申請は2018年12月5日 3:00 UTCまで受付します。期日までに交換申請を完了してください。

MOOVER ログインページ: token.moover-contrib.tech/logi

The issuing of the new MOOVER tokens on Waves is now complete!
At the same time, we have started to accept applications for exchanging them with MOVE tokens you hold on your MOOVER account.
Log into your MOOVER account where you hold your MOVE tokens and apply for an exchange through the exchange application form.
We will be accepting applications until December 5th, 2018 3:00 UTC. Please make sure to complete your application by then.

MOOVER login page: token.moover-contrib.tech/logi

Wavesへの移行は、2018年11月5日 3:00UTCに実行を予定しています。

MOOVERコントリビューター 各位


2. The move to Waves is scheduled to happen on November 5th, 2018 at 3:00 UTC.
In parallel, the current MOVE tokens will be replaced with the new tokens issued by Waves.
We will start accepting applications for the replacement on your MOOVER account, at the same time of the transfer to Waves.
Until then, please transfer the MOVE tokens you have deposited to SolideX to your MOOVER account.

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