One of the goals of MOOVER can be seen as the reduction of digital divide. In other words, by ensuring the fair distribution of information, we are able to create a more productive world. With people receiving the benefits of this, the value of MOVE tokens will significantly rise.


We have updated the MOOVER sharing system to the alpha version! It is difficult to explain in words, but we felt the same sort of excitement as when we first discovered the internet! Meaning, the system is better than we expected, and we cannot wait to disclose this to the relevant parties. You can also expect a positive impact from this on the MOVE tokens.


The trading of MOVE tokens has begun! We are finally able to provide purchasing opportunities for institutional investors, who have been declined during the contribution phase and have patiently waited. To all of our contributors and to all that will join from now onward, let us rejoice this day together! The upward trend will come very soon!


The listing of MOVE tokens is only a step in the process of our MOOVER project, but will also be trigger for a revolution for mobile networks. Let us celebrate this day together!

SolideXへの上場は、9月26日 08:00 UTCに決定しました!上昇気流に乗り遅れないようお早めにSolideXのアカウント登録をしてください!

The listing on SolideX has been confirmed to be September 26th 08:00 UTC! Make sure you have an account on SolideX early so that you do not miss out on the upward trend!


At MOOVER, we are not only providing a sharing service. We are offering an “experience” through superior problem solving. People sharing this view have pushed up the value of MOVE tokens.


We are getting close to announcing the date of MOVE token listing on SolideX.
Providing a next-generation sharing economy for mobile communication.


We are receiving many messages of encouragement from our contributors. Within them include some very productive advice. Our plans are moving on more smoothly than expected!




In September, the MOVE tokens will list on the digital asset exchange “SolideX”!

As the partnerships with telecommunication carriers were our priority, we were not able to announce until the last moment.
However, having a working information management structure has become a very important appeal point to the communications industry!

The official listing date will be announced separately.



Globally, although mobile communication is a primary communication tool, there are amazingly large number of people with difficulty in accessing this due to expensive communication fees.

MOOVER will create a world where anyone can access the information they need, when they need it, through sharing of mobile data.

Ethereumでは、スケーリング問題の解決に向けたソリューションの動きが活発です。「Plasma」と「Raiden Network」のように、競合するソリューションをどのように採用していくかは重要です。私たちは、Ethereumのこれらの動向に注目しています。

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