What the-

Come on, it's never done that little dink noise before now

Mastodon hasn't been giving me notifications even after refreshing the page

Being sued for owing debt without anyone making sure the debt actually belongs to you is the Trump administration’s version of “consumer protection.” Tell the @CFPB to protect consumers from abusive debt collectors. act.demandprogress.org/sign/cf

Well, I didn't take into account the amount of time they must have spent at those lakes, but that's still a short time and it seems like symptoms aren't noticeable until it's basically too late

Several people have lost their dogs to blue-green algae poisoning that I've never heard of until now

I really want this to be spread around as much as possible, since it seems to kill within an hour


I sincerely have no clue how to use Mastodon or what it is anymore

I was followed by openscience the instant I posted that?

I want to find accounts with ferrets and otters on them here

This will be one of the most memorable furry events of the year

tired: "gay" rainbow-lit cat
wired: g a y l i g h t i n g o t t e r

hot take, or, as i like to call it, "toasty posty"

Twitter, tweetdeck, and mastodon all have this annoying quality where I can't retain where I am on the timeline, which is the only reason left for me using hibernate all the time

Websites regularly crack down on legit producers of erotic content but don't crack down on spam bots. To give you a sense of their priorities

“Detective Pikachu, you’re a loose cannon! Why the hell did you think it was ok to use Thunder Shock on that criminal’s nuts?”

*Pikachu takes a long drag on a cigarette*

“It’s super effective”

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