I was followed by openscience the instant I posted that?

I want to find accounts with ferrets and otters on them here

This will be one of the most memorable furry events of the year

tired: "gay" rainbow-lit cat
wired: g a y l i g h t i n g o t t e r

hot take, or, as i like to call it, "toasty posty"

Twitter, tweetdeck, and mastodon all have this annoying quality where I can't retain where I am on the timeline, which is the only reason left for me using hibernate all the time

Websites regularly crack down on legit producers of erotic content but don't crack down on spam bots. To give you a sense of their priorities

“Detective Pikachu, you’re a loose cannon! Why the hell did you think it was ok to use Thunder Shock on that criminal’s nuts?”

*Pikachu takes a long drag on a cigarette*

“It’s super effective”

I just noticed pictures can have a mouse over text pop up and I'm feeling a little uncomfortable with "weird flesh cube on desk"

@Gargron It's the Pokemon company realizing that those of us who grew up with the early Game Boy games are now old enough to want to watch something like this.

Replacing my power supply to upgrade my GPU lead to me losing my browsing sessions a couple times and I missed a bunch of stuff here

What's this cube thing about?

Actually, this is the month of Ottober. Please smash open clams accordingly.

The word "consumer" is so disempowering, as if by being an ordinary person, our one purpose in society is to buy what producers make for us. We all produce unquantifiable benefits for each other, even if it's just by being good company.

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