Oh great, so what happened is that the move I'm trying to do is a new feature and totally different from what other people did despite sounding exactly the same

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Actually, it makes no sense that the option to back reference an account on snouts.online wouldn't be there because of what's happening on mastodon.social

If they're incompatible, then it would just give me an error after letting me try

I couldn't find the changelog for Mastodon because it isn't called that

It's the releases section on tootsuite/mastodon

I made a new account on snouts.online but I can't move this one to it because it isn't back-referencing this one

I don't know what that means and the account options on snouts.online don't have the "move another account to this one" option

Okay, I restarted Firefox so it could update and it's way faster now

That's still weird

I looked it up and apparently firefox has a problem with going slower the longer it's installed for several reasons?

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So, I think Viacom might be throttling Firefox or something

I was trying to watch a video on twitter and put Firefox in offline mode while I opened it in Chrome, and suddenly Netbalancer was telling me I was getting ten times the download speed

Okay, so snouts.online requires you to make a whole other account?

But I'm mutuals with someone there?

I've said here many times that I don't get how mastodon works and that I'd like to know

It's completely impenetrable to me and there doesn't seem to be a help page

An old Game Grumps print I made in 2017, with a few updates I made this year. Had the chance to give this to Arin and Dan at the live show in Toronto!

What the-

Come on, it's never done that little dink noise before now

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Mastodon hasn't been giving me notifications even after refreshing the page

Being sued for owing debt without anyone making sure the debt actually belongs to you is the Trump administration’s version of “consumer protection.” Tell the @CFPB to protect consumers from abusive debt collectors. act.demandprogress.org/sign/cf

Well, I didn't take into account the amount of time they must have spent at those lakes, but that's still a short time and it seems like symptoms aren't noticeable until it's basically too late

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Several people have lost their dogs to blue-green algae poisoning that I've never heard of until now

I really want this to be spread around as much as possible, since it seems to kill within an hour


I sincerely have no clue how to use Mastodon or what it is anymore

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