@Gargron It's the Pokemon company realizing that those of us who grew up with the early Game Boy games are now old enough to want to watch something like this.

Asking someone a question is completely different from looking the answer up. Humans are able to contextualise questions, highlight the important bits and add any info from personal experience, as well as tailor the answer to the the asker and their situation. This can't be done with static information. Saying "just google it/lmgtfy/google is free sweaty" is not a valid or clever answer.

Having access to near limitless information is not the same as being part of a network of knowledge.

Replacing my power supply to upgrade my GPU lead to me losing my browsing sessions a couple times and I missed a bunch of stuff here

What's this cube thing about?

Actually, this is the month of Ottober. Please smash open clams accordingly.

The word "consumer" is so disempowering, as if by being an ordinary person, our one purpose in society is to buy what producers make for us. We all produce unquantifiable benefits for each other, even if it's just by being good company.

The onus isn't on the consumer to stop climate change. We just choose from whatever limited options the giant corporations make available to us. It's the businesses that need to be held accountable.

"Can you teach me to change shapes?"
"I wish I could," the shapeshifter said, "I wish everyone could try shapes until they found a few they like."
"A few?"
"Or maybe one. But most of us have a few we are really at home in."
"You're almost always a cat."
"It's one of what I am."

The main thing is that I can't figure out how to see different instances or look through things

I'm not joking either, I really still don't get it

Okay, why the heck is this updated privacy policy thing a meme?

And why am I getting the vibe that people think it's a bad thing?

Am I just misreading the situation and people are actually *just* responding to the fact that everybody's updating their privacy policy due to the changed laws in the UK?

Final Fantasy game set in Ivalice but your whole party is Moogles

I just got this email from eBay asking me to sign this petition...

It really looks to me like a deceptive attempt to get people to go against net neutrality

I sent this to my parents and friends. You should do this too. This Reply All podcast ep has an incredible exp. of #FOSTA and some terrifying numbers on the effects of Craigslist opening up escort services section in cities. Female homicide rates dropped 17%(!!!)


Twitter has shadowbanned a bunch of people over the last couple days, including me and several of my mutuals

I have no idea why

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