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Okay, why the heck is this updated privacy policy thing a meme?

And why am I getting the vibe that people think it's a bad thing?

Am I just misreading the situation and people are actually *just* responding to the fact that everybody's updating their privacy policy due to the changed laws in the UK?

Final Fantasy game set in Ivalice but your whole party is Moogles

I just got this email from eBay asking me to sign this petition...

It really looks to me like a deceptive attempt to get people to go against net neutrality

I sent this to my parents and friends. You should do this too. This Reply All podcast ep has an incredible exp. of #FOSTA and some terrifying numbers on the effects of Craigslist opening up escort services section in cities. Female homicide rates dropped 17%(!!!)

Twitter has shadowbanned a bunch of people over the last couple days, including me and several of my mutuals

I have no idea why

tired: following your heart

wired: careful planning

inspired: making decisions based on polygonal dice

glitched: using tarot readings to recontextualize decisions you've already made, thereby ALSO randomizing the past

US pol, FOSTA/SESTA, anti-sex work Show more

sw, whorephobia, action needed Show more

the grocery store is really branching out (implied nsfw)

Is there no search feature?
I want to find ferrets

Apparently, Mastodon won't show you new toots if you have to reconnect to the internet

I have to refresh the page, which makes it even less convenient then tweetdeck