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jfc look who's back from the island of misfit jackass pundits 🙄

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ffs NBC can't verify anything about this story but they're running it every hour all day long because their business model is Russia hysteria.

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@MSNBC@twitter.com knows why the American public calls it they lie and never get called out or have to pay a price for it. 98% or "journalists" in the US are nothing more than propagandists for the state. twitter.com/SpittingBack/statu

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Give 'em hell, @janeosanders@twitter.com


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Glad you noticed @CharlesMBlow@twitter.com Maybe the New York Times can finally cover the urgency of implementing the transformational changes that @BernieSanders@twitter.com campaigned on? twitter.com/charlesmblow/statu

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Of course.

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There is a nationwide rebellion taking place in the United States against racist police murder, with demonstrators being tear-gassed and run over by police.

And this is today's front page of The New York Times:

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"Close watchers of the 2020 campaign will note that Sanders has long believed the media was working against him." - Chris Cillizza

"Close watchers of the 2020 campaign will note that the media WAS working against him." -


R E E D U C A T I O N P R O G R A M S U C C E S S F U L • H O S T R E H A B I L I T A T E D • R E E D U C A T I O N P R O G R A M S U C C E S S F U L • E N D T R A N S M I S S I O N


"As in 2016, he faced unrelenting hostility and derision from...the channels beloved by the boomers who voted overwhelmingly for Biden...He was smeared as sexist and racist and breezily compared to Trump, or the Nazis, or the coronavirus."


Somebody just bought themselves a ticket to the reeducation camps

We want to endorse Joe Biden, but we're not sure which Joe Biden to endorse: The liar? The Senator from MBNA? The warmonger? The rapist? The Corn Pop slayer? So many choices...

Don't let the haters get ya down, Chris. You have a home with us anytime you want. We've been slowly turning Republican for years. You'll fit right in here serving our corporate masters the same way you served Fox's. 🖤

bErNiE DidN't uSe HiS eNTiRe sTatEmeNt tO pRaiSe jOe BiDeN hE's sTiLL a HoRriBle pErSoN

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@SymoneDSanders@twitter.com How do you do, fellow kids?

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