Real question here, in english just in case it drives more answers (if any): every once in a while I just start to sketch again purely practicing and trying to improve my "visual alphabet". I use everything such as movies and series, but or any other reference I can lay my hands upon as well. ⬇️

Here's the thing: women are rare and when they show up they look terribly boring, making them uninteresting references to sketch. I mean: they are pretty and such, but I'm not looking for this. I'm looking for characters. When I sketch men I easily find big noses, riddled faces, harsh beards and strange faces but I'm having a hard time finding their women equivalents. ⬇️

At best I find a "nice looking girl" wearing cool clothes, and it ends up with me making drapés studies instead of me sketching women faces.

Any ideas of sources where to find such references?

Here are a few places I sometimes find stuff though, just in case this could be useful tom someone:

As it turns out, Monty Python's "Jabberwocky" is a good source.

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