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Does anyone else feel really frustrated when they look at today's tech and how it gets all sleek and shiny and ever smaller and more fragile, totally unlike what we see in various cyberpunk media where it's chunky and awesome and it looks like you could throw it through a wall?

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There's a lot of horrible stuff on twitter. Please leave it there.

Courier showed up, and threw my package on the ground. That package includes a new hard drive. Thanks, dickhead.

Don't use Fastway Couriers.

I'm so tired, I panicked when I shut my eyes, because I couldn't see. I have to be here to take deliveries, else I'd be trying to sleep again.

I swear my body needs some kind of backup battery or something.

Ok, the plan:
1) Replace the damaged glass sheet.
2) Change the Z endstop position a little so the nozzle doesn't start quite so close to the bed.
3) Print something more complex than a cube so I can find out if the printer is compressing the height of the object, or cutting off the top of it.

No updates, and when comparing the config files for other controller boards, I'm not seeing why mine is resulting in shortened prints.

Unless I accidentally fried the stepper motors when I set them to move about ten times as much as I should have. They sounded like dentist drills.

Maybe today will be the day I get my 3D printer working with the new firmware that doesn't support it yet.
I should check for updates to that firmware as well, in case someone else has figured it out.

Someone is spoofing gmail accounts, check for a "via" next to the "From:" address.

Idea for a support network on Mastodon; mental health and related topics Show more

502 Bad Gateway. Naughty gateway. Stop that.

If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son I got ninety nine problems and Show more

Me: Four arms
Masamune Shirow: Five arms!
Me: Brilliant!

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*gets up to get a drink*
*gets distracted by thought on way to kitchen*
*returns without drink*

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Someone started a vegan diet. I heard they've eaten three vegans so far, and are getting lots of exercise running from police. Life's a little hectic right now, but they feel fantastic.


Fuck it, let's just roll with kill orders