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been waiting all night
what time does sleep happen

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uspol, climate change, modern dystopia 

"[Government attorneys have] argued that Americans don’t have a right to “a climate capable of sustaining human life”."

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Research shows that 2FA and other basic measures are incredibly effective at preventing account hijacking

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there are two wolves inside you. they handshake and establish a secure channel via diffie hellman key exchange. a third wolf inside you is sniffing packets on the network,

Game of Thrones S08E05 

I expected the Cersei thing to go differently, but I loved how it went. No grand showdown with heroes. Just her getting pulled back into reality.

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whenever someone just DMs me "Can I ask you a question?" I always get really stressed that it's gonna be something big and personal and tough to deal with so I'll ghost them for a day or two and when I get back to them it's *always* just something like "how do I rip a DVD"

Major pet peeve: whenever people are in a thread about a bug report that's hard to reproduce, people are trying to figure out how to trigger the bug, and someone says "It works when X", the meaning of the word "works" is unclear. Is it that the product works, or the bug reproduction works? I've seen people interpret it different ways, and it takes way too long for people to even realize a miscommunication has happened.

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I guess I need to make some clarifications here.

I don't particularly care what worldview the maker of my tools had, in general, so long as those views don't impact the tools.

When I do care is if their worldview influenced the decisions they made when building my tools, or if, by using these tools, I am somehow promoting them to be in a position of greater prominence.

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I wonder if it's unusual that I have a strong urge to describe music in colors. I don't directly visually perceive any colors in music. It's more of an overwhelming sense of "if there was a music video with lights synced up to this music, then there are specific sequences of colored lights that would be *correct* to show".

For a lot of music I can't enjoy, my urge is to describe it as "this music forgot to have any colors; it's only black and white".

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Shout-out to bathroom motion sensors which flush the toilet four times while I'm in the stall, but then make me wave frantically for water at the sink and then again for paper towels.

When you play as the character Duck Hunt in Smash Ultimate, are you controlling the duck or the dog? Could you be controlling the duck which is then mind-controlling the dog? Or are they a hivemind, sharing all thoughts and will?

<rant> There are at least three different programs called "netcat" across the systems I have to deal with that all have different and conflicting supported options. Whyyyy

My first League of Legends pvp match: someone called a vote for us to surrender three times because they thought we'd lose. We were winning and then won the match.

Just finished solving the first 50 programming problems on! TypeScript, generators, lodash, and wu.js were excellent tools for it and in general.

Woooo, got #1 in a Blackout match. My best play: drove a cargo truck by an enemy, hopped out behind a bush while the truck kept going, and sneaked up on the enemy while they kept on chasing the cargo truck.

I'm playing Fallout 4 again after I set it down two and a half years ago (without finishing it). Now it feels nostalgic and I'm pretty hooked into it.

Why does anyone ever say "forward slash" instead of "slash"? That's the default type of slash! Anyone that assumes backslash is meant is wrong, and they're being enabled by people who say "forward slash".

Part of this frustration comes from hearing too many people read off URLs in entirely too long ways. It's one thing for them to unnecessarily start with the protocol in the URL, but then "forward slash forward slash" is the double whammy that kills me.

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