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Okay. So I'm part of making a short film called Eat Cake.

Its dark comedy where a 50s style wife kills her husband whos been sleeping around. The mistress comes to investigate and shenanigans ensue.

My college team has worked hard with me on it and I want to spread the word. Here's a behind the scenes video shot with 8mm film.

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Huh I just realized ive been on mastodon for a year. That's cool I guess :D👍

Also its been forever since i've used Mastodon. I miss anything?

Wired on coffee, i wanna express an idea.

I've been looking into cooperatives again and started to wonder how feasible it would be to form a video/film cooperative that takes an vested (but not exclusive) interest in independent online. Like not only help lower the bar for new creators but also push technologies like peertube and lbry?

Partially, thinking this as a general lower entry point, partially because i feel platforms have a bit of chicken and egg scenario when it comes to content.

Hey @mxlinux I'm trying your distro on mx-19 and I'm confused about secure boot. My live usb can be booted with secure boot on but when I install it my partion can't seem to boot with it on?

I don't understand how that's possible. Do i need to do some extra steps?

Why make links short and slick, when you can make them long and scary?

Or I could get one of those single boards so you as a mini emulator device but still urg!

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Aaaaaaand I'm done with dual booting for now. I just found out that something I did or windows did something that wiped my manjaro partition.

Damn it. I was actually having a mostly decent time on manjaro. I got davinci to work with it. I didn't have screen tearing issues!

Part of me wants to try mx linux on again but right now im so disheartened and ive had so many problems with my laptop i'm better to wait and build a computer that can suit my needs

Holy shit, Samsung Smart TVs straight up send "snippets" of things that you watch back home to "to provide you with customized Smart TV experiences".

Search that page for the text: "Your Smart TV transfers video snippets or TV tuner information in order to determine the programs watched."


@krita You have made my nieces Christmas!

Thank you for building such an amazing product that a 10 year old can learn in a few days 😁

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For the coming winter holidays, I'm giving you a quick introduction to enve, a new 2D animation tool for Linux, made by Maurycy Liebner :)

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