Sad to hear Mark Hollis passed away. Outside of his pop work, I was introduced to Laughing Stock in 06 and it was a musical awakening that has been with me to this day. A true musical masterpiece that transcends traditional pop/rock structure. Thank you for bringing this gem into the world, Mark.

I bet you can tell this is villainous snow under a microscope, if only you could get one to stop melting before you look at it...

I'm half expecting to see a super hero swoop in and melt all these evil flakes.

The amount of snow is nearing super villain mega plot territory.

Tonight I'm gonna finish up my taxes. I should have all the paperwork i need now... though my ex claims i don't need her income and i think she is wrong (married filing separately). we'll see how things go.

Well that was a riveting meeting... I can't take a presenter seriously when they have duplicated their laptop screen instead of extending and they don't know how to make their slides full screen... that way we get to watch them responding to "i can't hear" or sending "please mute your mic" all meeting....what an ADD nightmare...

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My snowblower is now just set to shoot snow straight up because there's no where else to put snow...

I finally got some good sleep last night and i feel more tired than ever ๐Ÿ˜ต

Ugh, this snow needs to stop... it's officially getting out of hand.

seriously mother nature? a fourth snow storm in a week?!

I'm leaning towards the Lifeforms SV-1 now... I just think that the sheer amount of utility coupled with being almost half the size as the Erebus V3 make it better bang for my buck.

The Erebus sounds incredible and the V3 has tons of patch points. I'm honestly leaning towards this one, my only fear is that it's not as versatile as the SV-1.

The Treadstone sounds awesome and has a decent amount of patch points but it's extremely small and could be fiddly. I do like the size though as it means I have more space for other gear.

The SV-1 has the most utility and customizability with a ton of patch points and several full-featured modules builtin. Also has great sounding oscillators. It's also the most expensive of the three, unless I buy used. My fear is that a used one will have the old tuning issues and I'll need to send it to them to fix.

Gonna pick up a semi modular synth soon and I can't decide which one to get! In the running are Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1, Dreadbox Erebus V3, and Analogue Solutions Treadstone.

that last stretch to my house, the snow was above the hood of my car....

Desktop wavetable synth with a 12 channel filter bank?! The Flame Mรคander is definitely on my radar!

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