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The Squid is amazing, I spent 4 hours last night lost in it.

Ugh my heartburn this AM feels more like Heart-REACTOR FAILURE, MELTDOWN IMMINENT

Yay, release testing started almost 2 hours early. Maybe I won't be wiped out today after all.

If it was nailed it, he would have the gold baker's hat.

Well my son's birthday celebration went well. My cake did not turn out but my gf's son came through on some beautiful cupcakes.

Finished paying off my Galaxy S8 finally and I "sidegraded" to the moto z3. Half the monthly payment but I mostly did it for the mods.

Well i did end up skating last night and my legs are jello today

Ok way to ditch me at the skate park... Haven't done this in years and he insisted I go... And then doesn't even show

Buddy of mine is insisting I go roller skating tonight... I will surely last for mere minutes.

Well I just got a totally unexpected dollar raise! 🤩

I guess hashtags don't work in content warnings. 😥

Best of #superbooth2019 - Most-Anticipated Still-Unfinished Gear 

Soulsby AtMultitron

This thing sounds great and is incredibly versatile (each voice can be a separate engine, e.g., drum, synth, strings, bass, etc.). The only one that I am drawn to in his ATX range is the AtMultitron for the 8 voices and analog filters builtin. Looks like it could be even pass as an all-in-one workstation type dealie.

Best of #superbooth2019 - Strongest Sounding Gear 

UDO Super 6

Holy cow, the spread and harmonics on this sound really rich. Innovative usage of FPGAs for each core voice.

Best of #superbooth2019 - Best Value Drum Machine 

Behringer RD-909

The SOMA Pulsar-23 sounds intense but the price is yuck. The IK Uno Drum sounds okay but only one mix output. RD-909 sounds good, great new performance features and the price is reasonable.

Best of #superbooth2019 - Craziest Gear 

Landscape HC-TT 2

Hand-operated Tape MANIPULATOR

Best of #superbooth2019 - Coolest Budget Gear 

Korg Nu:Tekt Digital Synthesizer

Prologue/XD custom engine in a cheap DIY box with MIDI!

Best of #superbooth2019 Most Interesting Unfinished Gear 

dadamachines Composer Pro

12 channel sequencer on a large grid with a builtin sound engine and open platform.

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