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Never had chance to try using monero mayby it's my chance to try this for first time? @jsigwart @All_About_BTC
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I’m giving away $100 in 48 hours, make sure to follow me & @cakewallet, tag 2 friends & RT 🍀

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1/ Important VR PSA #3: 👉 @oculus @FBRealityLabs blocks, breaks, and kills successful VR companies.
The story of @YUR_fit:
- Blocked from the @oculus store
- Broke by firmware updates 4x
- Attempted to poach CTO 4x
- Copied by "Oculus Move"
- More stories soon 👇

Watch on LBRY can temporarily no longer import your YouTube channels, because YouTube disabled the ability to export them
Maybe too many people leaving for LBRY?

You can support development of my projects by donating via liberapay.com/Madiator2011 or with crypto via cointr.ee/madiator2011 @LBRYcom @liberapay @CryptoCoinTree

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YouTube decided to fight my plugin Watch on LBRY by removing easy way to export subscription list (youtube.com/subscription_manag) . But we get you cover by new way to import your list to @LBRYcom . So follow me to get more updates!

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Another Scammer on Fiverr preying on those who don't know any better by auto generating maps using BeatSage and claiming them as his own.

He doesn't even do a good job hiding that his maps were made by a bot but there's still people who brought from him.


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CoinKit is back!

Check out DeVault DVT Devault.cc

@coinkit_ mon 10 40 $dvt

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@BlockDXExchange @NIXplatform LBC for sure

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Which of these coins would you like to see supported by XLite wallet first?

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@BlockDXExchange What a silly poll. I only see one option... $LBC!

@Lochaoch next month I'm doing workshops (with our University science club) about privacy and security on internet and also about decentralized networks like Tor, I2P and I would also love to include mesh technology!

Hey @LBRYcom @jeremykauffman @TomZarebczan @jsigwart The new version of Watch on LBRY plugin is out. Includes better performance, support to @OdyseeTeam and major refactor! addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

Hey @Nextclouders are they any problems with Apps on NC 20? Whenever I go to apps section I got hit by "504 Gateway Time-out" error.

I checked my private cloud server with the Nextcloud Security Scanner scan.nextcloud.com @Nextclouders,nextclouders

Want to be part of @helium but currently it's to expensive for me as an IT Student. Will wait till price drops or maybe @helium will offer something :)

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