Hey @magnusfiennes After so many years we are going to be able to watch all Freefonix episodes officially youtube.com/channel/UCxqwXmtyU . Have spend lot of time on remastering and making sure that episodes be public :)

Want to learn how to setup @LBRYcom web instance? Or want to know how to run like your own @OdyseeTeam join my live tomorrow to learn how :)

We're going live with @CryptoLawUS, @JohnEDeaton1 and @jeremykauffman discussing the SEC vs LBRY hearing today


Hey @magnusfiennes having some great news! Freefonix will soon available on YouTube legally in 4K!!!

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Rockstar, Take-Two and 2K use DMCA to make sure that people cannot experience their games in VR: patreon.com/posts/68740592

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To celebrate the launch of , we're handing out 50 game codes between now and July 11!

RT, follow @StudioMDHR & reply with your favorite member of the trio - Cuphead, Mugman, or Ms. Chalice! Winners who don't own Cuphead will get a code for it too!

Hey @LBRYcom community I'm happy to announce that Madiator.com HUB server is back online! And to celebrate this I'm running Q&A session at open.lbry.com/@Madiator2011:e/

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The Minecraft community comes to the rescue as always. A mod was made to remove your cryptographic signature from any chat messages you make on servers. Thus, making your messages impossible to track by Microsoft. curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mo

Hey @Xbox I use xbox for some time. First I have started with PS3 and had many friends there. Sadly after I moved to xbox (first Xbox One S and now Series X) I could not many friends to play with. Any tips?

There's more details on the development of LBRY Hubs, as well as instructions on how to run your own, on the LBRY technical blog

Warning: very nerdy


Hey @YouSearchEngine do you think you could include option to search videos from @OdyseeTeam ?

Making support chatbot for @OdyseeTeam and @LBRYcom app users. Post under this post most common issues you have. Make sure to tag them :)
ex. LBRY: My app is not seeding content
Odysee: Videos keep buffer
etc :)

Hi @magnusfiennes we sorry again for Henry again. Hope it won’t make you see Freefonix fandom as a toxic place. Going to work with Toonz on making episodes public somehow.

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KAT Walk C 2! New Generation VR Treadmill
LIVE on Kickstarter with a Pre-Sale Discount until June 13 bit.ly/3ljpXdV

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