Thank you again for amazing interview @magnusfiennes
It was so much and I got you something so you can checkout @LBRYcom and @OdyseeTeam

Hi @magnusfiennes I'm sure you are bussy and might not have much time but would you like to do Interview with Freefonix Fandom. Either as live or recorded video. If you would love to do that send me message so we can arange meeting. Thank you :)

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It still isn't trending? Huh?
This is pretty relevant.
What will it take?

A disgusting implication of SEC vs LBRY is that if we had simply walked away in 2018 with more than $5,000,000, there would be no allegation of wrongdoing.

By continuing to improve LBRY rather than walking away, SEC says we broke law.

Perverse incentives!

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The *real* reason the U.S. is going after LBRY is because an actually working decentralized video platform to rival YouTube is too much of a threat to their control of populations.

Unfortunate for them, LBRY is a decentralized protocol, and it is, perhaps, too late.

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Sec just announced a lawsuit against @LBRYcom for “selling unregistered securities”.

By their definition, almost every crypto token would be considered a security. This would destroy the US cryptocurrency industry.

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@exodus_io are you planning to and add $LBC from @LBRYcom @OdyseeTeam to the wallet?

Therefore Disney dollars should also be labeled an "unregistered security"

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YouTube competitor @LBRYcom is censorship-resistant.

Now the SEC has sued LBRY because it runs on a bitcoin-like token. The government calls it an "unregistered security."

More here:

Wish government would Stop messing with innovation

Hey @SEC_Enforcement why you not sue @microsoft for Gamepoints , @google for selling Google Play Credits and every mobile game that has micro transactions cause they are "securities"?

After a banning: why don't you build your own platform?

After a deplatforming: why don't you build your own decentralized protocol?

After the lawsuit against the decentralized protocol: why don't you build your own country?

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The SEC’s charges against @LBRYcom are “aggressive and disastrous” and create a bureaucratic nightmare” for the entire blockchain industry, according to the publishing platform

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Regulations cannot be objects of monetary censorship or aggression, decentralized technologies play a dominant role in the new era of information and freedom. LBRY is the strongest of all voices thanks to the community. @LBRYcom @LBRYLatam @OdyseeTeam

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