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Because Google Analytics is now likely to be banned in the EU, I have a great and more privacy-friendly alternative here:

"Umami is a simple, easy to use, self-hosted web analytics solution. The goal is to provide you with a friendlier, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics and a free, open-sourced alternative to paid solutions."

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If you use please consider to switch to .

It's free, , and even can handle the same extensions like VS Code. This all, without tracking!

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Hello !🌐
Hello ! :mastodon:
Hello !

This is my first :toot: and I hope I'll have a great time on this wonderful platform!


I will be switching to @stux 's today!
Wish me luck that everything will go well!

'What are we doing?': Sen. Chris Murphy pleads for action after Uvalde school shooting 

Speaking on the Senate floor, Sen. Chris Murphy asks colleagues "why are you here," imploring the chamber to come up with solutions to mass shootings.

The man climbed out of his eighth floor apartment window to catch the helpless three-year-old girl

I’m not gonna CW this even, this is how people in power react to the same question you and I ask when something so tragic keeps happening over and over.

These are the people who are suppose to ‘protect you’! But all they can do is turn around the tables and shake their heads.


👆 "In einem Großteil der Fälle waren demnach entweder gar keine Ermittlungen aufgenommen worden oder sie wurden ergebnislos eingestellt. In Bremen und Sachsen, so Jan Böhmermann, werde deshalb jetzt wegen des Verdachts der Strafvereitelung gegen die Beamten ermittelt. "


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Okay, nun aber zum ernsten Hintergrund

"Um zu prüfen, was an dieser Vermutung dran ist, hat das ZDF Magazin Royale ein deutschlandweites Experiment durchgeführt und in allen Bundesländern 16 Korrespondent:innen engagiert, die am 3. August 2021 um 17 Uhr in ihrer örtlichen Polizeiwache dieselben sieben Hasskommentare zur Anzeige vorgelegt haben."

Das ZDF Magazin Royale hat das Experiment ausgewertet und den ersten „Strafverfolgungsatlas” erstellt


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Happy Friday! What's your favorite password manager?

#Americans would rather ban schools than giving up their “right” to handle #weapons of warfare. #SchoolShootings

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