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If it doesn't have an RSS feed, it's not a podcast.

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Corona Contact Tracing Germany now on F-Droid 🚀

No dependency to Google, no microg app required. Pure open source, built reproducibly.

(This time posting the correct URL 🙂)

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Wird nie alt: LEDs beim blinken zuschauen.
Und: meine Platine funzt \o/
Debugging hatte ergeben, dass ein Shift Register kapott war. Hab doch keinen Mist gebaut beim Platinendesign. Phew! *Schweiß wegwisch* 🤓

Ich habe hier einen Stapel Platinen übrig. Will wer zufällig einen LED-Cube bauen?

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OMG, am dying!!!

Someone used the bug GitHub refused to fix, that allows you to add a commit to a repo you don’t control... to upload YouTube-dl to the DMCA request repo on GitHub.

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Downgraded my kernel, and it miraculously stopped crashing every time when I disconnect a CircuitPython device. Linux is magic.

Linux devs still claim it's CircuitPython's fault.

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There is a solution to this, and it has been done that way for millenia: instead of expecting people to (attempt to) fix problems as they learn about them, make selected people responsible for smooth functioning of certain important parts—include finding about the problems in those parts their duty, and make them responsible for the problems in there whether they knew about them or not. This is why we have public services like fire departments or police, this is why we have separate ministries, etc.

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Hmm, looks like I don't see toots in my default timeline. I can see toots from several other instances. Is it by design on and how can I fix it?

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I'm looking for first hand experience on photo organizing, best practices, software setup

what I'm trying to do
- organize 100+ GiB photos
- tag them
- have a nice way to back them up
- it's a plus if albums are easy to share through web, in that case it should serve lower resolution versions
- if it could deal with different versions of the same photo that'd be great (handling of RAW+JPEG)
- you know, the usual deal

🔁 welcome

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Durch die Bilder, welche ich aus verschiedenen Labs und Spaces gesehen habe, bin ich auf ein Wortspiel aus nähen und Necromancer gekommen. Daraus wollte ich dann unbedingt ein Bild anfertigen, was ich nun in zwei Varianten abgeschlossen habe.

#art #femaleartist #visiblewomen #mastodonart

Covid in DE - good news 

Looks like we're really getting sublinear in DE. Not the end of the battle (still >5000 new cases/day happen), but the trend is heading the right way now.

STAY AT HOME, a mask only helps a bit.

src: RKI via

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Since the #GirlsDay workshop and I had planned for is not happening, here's a little consolation goodie instead

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If the kind of porn you watch really affects your fetishes, then all the Japanese should be huge fans of pixelart. Hmmm... 🤔

There was time for more complex food at , but during abbau this will do.

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