Have you posted a photo on Mastodon and the preview image hides something important?

If you're using the web version of Masto, you can alter the focus of the preview image when posting photos. Just click "Edit" on the image and move the circle around. When you've finished click "Apply".

(And while you're editing, do remember to add an image description for blind people!)

The two photos below are identical, but one has the focus set to the right and one to the left.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

We cut down a tree this morning. It was nearly dead and in the way of the community workshop we're building. The tree was 11m tall and leaning a lot. Cut off at a metre up and then the last meter cut clean at the base.
We used manual tree saws for the job. Quieter and safer.

There's that thing about writing, where you dig deep into your emotions and life experiences to build a scene and a story line for a character that really puts them through the mill, causing them a lot of stress and anxiety, and emotional pain.
And while writing it you imagine and feel all of that hurt and pain, and carry it upon your shoulders, over and over as you read and edit the words, until you are emotionally drained and need a cuppa and a cry.

Yeah, that thing.😩

@Extelec @suearcher No, some of them don't have the ability to lay eggs, of any size! 😂

So all my years of making experience and today's bit of work was to spray paint an egg, to look like an egg!

OK, granted the egg is 400mm tall, but still.

@suearcher has it now to make it look less like a boring chicken egg.

@phlash Always good to have more people. We volunteer at four a month, Boothstown, Levenshulme, Stretford (formally Chorlton), and Moss Side.
The biggest issue has always been finding repair volunteers.

We don't take any part in setting them up though, better people then us do that side and manage the admin and organising.

@CurlyParakeet Hello!

I just did that thing where you fall a sleep on the sofa and wake up more tired then before! :blobpats:

@giormatsis I will try, though granted I haven't tweeted much recently either!

I shall go and look for some more of my maker friends who have signed up.

Thank you.

@giormatsis Thank you.
I must admit that being Autistic I dislike change so I am trying to push through the difficulties of working out 'tooting' instead of 'tweeting'. 😆

I am also spending a lot of time writing and miniaturing, and adding that to the mix of work that we do.
'We' being me and my wife. Our whole business is based on just the two of us doing everything from tiny 1:100 scale museum models to full size street scenes and random stuff that has no standard heading!
I also spend more time writing then updating my website!

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Hello people, I have just popped over from Twitter and wondering about this being a future home.
I am a , more wood, metal, and engineering then coding and electronics, and also community workshops and .

So thought I'd just say 'Hi!.


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