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declines for 7 consecutive quarters:

2017-18 Q4 - 8.13%
2018-19 Q1 - 7.95%
2018-19 Q2 - 7.00%
2018-19 Q3 - 6.58%
2018-19 Q4 - 5.83%
2019-20 Q1 - 5.01%
2019-20 Q2 - 4.50%

और कितना नीचे गिराएंगे मोदी जी? 

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Now that people can no longer pretend that the economic slowdown is a not a serious problem, here’s what needs to be done to get back onto the growth path

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1 Litre Milk Diluted With Water Served To 81 Students In UP School Kids in UP should be thankful to Bogi Adityanath that they're getting their Oxygen - Small Mercies.

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I hv just read abt #Priyankareddy. Shocking!

I felt so humiliated when my friend here sent me this news, and asked whether it is true or fake news? I couldn't answer. Embarrassing.

Shame, people are not on roads for her & TV is still under #MahaVikasAghadi phobia.

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An expert committee explicitly barred the publication of the findings of a research study that said babies born to women — who as children were exposed to the 1984 gas leak in Bhopal — were significantly more likely to have “congenital malformations” than those born to women unexposed to the gas.

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It reveals the contemporary sway of bigotry and prejudiced chauvinism that are rapidly proliferating in the name of religious sanctity and purity

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Do not get carried away with #PragyaThakurTheTerrorist
It's a trap.
Remain focussed & keep attacking the nincompoop Modi govt on real issues :
- Farmer Issues
- Unemployment
- Economy Slowdown
- Rapes & Crime against women
- Communal hate
- Kashmir detentions


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International dalit solidarity Network (IDSN): “Caste discrimination is the single biggest enabler of labour exploitation and modern slavery in all of South Asia.”

Pragya thakur is granted bail on medical grounds so can anyone say wats wrong with her health?? It will happen Oly in India. U r prime accused in bomb blast case even have terror charges but easily get bail Dan contest election becoming MP. Nw such people will make laws. Brutal truth.

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Congress and Shiv Sena coming together is a historic moment in Indian politics, for better or worse. It marks the arrival of anti-BJPism as the central polarisation of politics now that Congress has draped itself in saffron.

My article.

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PM must be sued.
PM must resign

PM displayed poor wisdom when he used article 12 to support a particular political party.

Imagine a situation when such erroneous decision of article 12 is taken to use nuclear weapons. Poor decision choice.

PM must resign.

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So that government can write off the loans of their crony capitalist friends!

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Media coverage treats politics as a spectator entertainment where cleverness & shamelessness is cheered. This lowers & removes *expectations* that public officials observe constitutional norms.

We must bring back the expectations of constitutional behaviour.

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