A yellow butterfly that I just saw in my front yard- giving me a nice show.

Birdie site censorship silliness 

"Sensitive material" - again tiger lilies blossoming in my front yard.😂

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there are enough writers out there & transcripts that this isnt even a "difficult" thing, so please stop said inaccessible nonsense of thinking "everyone can learn from an uncaptioned video".

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FYI: If you want me to get any information- don't give me a link to an uncaptioned or Autocaptioned video- I won't watch it so either get it in a written article/essay/transcript form or get whomever it is who made the video- to get that problem fixed & then get back to me.
There really are no exceptions to this. I understand a handful of content creators do a whole lot of livestreamed videos- I won't watch those either when I'm discussing anything with anyone, no exceptions to this,

Birdie site censorship silliness 

I've yet to encounter or know of anyone whom actually fears the sight of grass, but somehow Twitter is claiming it's sensitive & unwanted content this morning.

More photos @xenophora (sorry for the edit/removal earlier) this is an expansion of that post- that I'm making sharable. After over a year at this project.

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2 parts of the hydroponic gardening system I'm building. I'm kinda behind on where I want this project so am heavily working on it now.

I've already tried descript & probably will try VEED next. (others on this caption/transcribing program list being:
Creator closed captioner
Kapwing). It's a part of my efforts/journey to switch formats to something that's easier & better for my evolving needs.

Finally figured out a bit of a gap in building the hydroponic gardens. Now the rest of this should go much smoother.

U.S. Pol - Snark 

Me (returning to Le Birdhouse to finally rake in the clout and snuggles that I've always deserved) :

Sanders, no less than Pelosi, is a major impediment to positive change. Retire, Bitches!

... 🦗 ... 🦗... 🦗

Well, damn. That could've gone better.


So darn busy lately that I've been loosing track of days. If I at least do indeed have the roof leak sealed up by the end of next Friday though- then by mid May I should at least have a more reasonable schedule.

At least 1 species of cucumber - Sikkim & 2 tomatoes- Hungarian Heart & Blueberry Cream- sprouted over the past day- hopefully within the next 3-5 days I'll see at least another 3 cucumber varieties & 8-10 tomato varieties doing so- as I'd rather get at least 1/2 of the varieties I'm planting to at least get to a sizable plant size from seed, ideally getting most of them to harvesting phase & enjoying their taste.

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