Im trying to be on here more but damn if twitter hasnt mastered the art of being digital cocaine driven to suck you in and force you to generate profit.

Fixed this overused and outdated meme to better reflect the current reality.

Today is a day for a Stellaris campaign. 80 years in and furries can finally live out their dream.

Will this get me banned off here? Oh wait, this isn't Twitter.

So some pepe meme lord dug up a post from a month ago and then tried to explain how "Totally not everyone who uses it is a bad person!". Sure, not everyone who posts a swastika online is a literal nazi, but that doesn't mean I won't make an association, no matter how vague.

Use whatever you want as much as you want, but if you are going to use something that the ACLU calls a hate symbol, people will give you funny looks. Stop asking if [person] is a nazi and ask if [person] is DOING a fascism

Please take like 20 min to just watch this

This is by far the most powerful video yet. It doesn't matter where you are on the political spectrum... this episode brought me to tears.

Choose Your Class:

⚒️ Arch-Communist (Health/Dodge Tank, High Sustain)

🏳️‍🌈 Gendernouveau (Defense Tank, Heavy Damage Buffs & Mitigation)

🐺 Socialist Fursona (Melee DPS, High Burst Damage)

🔥 Aesthetic Anarchist (Melee DPS, Self-Sustain, Positionals)

📔 Theorycrafter (Ranged DPS, Continuous Damage)

⌨️ Codemonkey (Ranged DPS, Caffeine Stacks, Debuffs)

🎨 Artisan Inque (Healer, Unique Buffs, Rotational Spells)

👩‍⚕️ Pop Psych (Healer, Extreme Burst Healing, Shields)

New account on here. Finally. Took me long enough. I mean, I'm finally on the "main" mastodon thing.


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