Hello again, so I'm back, trying to get the hang if . Can't remember all my instances.

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Greetings. I had to delete Firefox off my tablet, including my Mastodon webapps. Forgot Mastodon existed. Trying #Tusky now.

Hello good evening, belated happy new year.

funny, a bit rude 😄 

grief, pets 

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Yay I'm technically a winner. But it was 20,000 words of novel, and 30,000 words of junk/ diary/ filler. Approximately.

loneliness, racism 

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Ppl, if you see uncaptioned images, just add the image description in a new toot. Make ppl. aware that #ImageDescription s are important, also make the federation a tiny bit better and more accessible.

Kid 2 (18) was home today, because reasons.
All good and ok really but life seems ridiculously, stupidly complicated right now.


health, NHS 

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