Kitty loves sitting on my feet. It's mutually beneficially warming I think 😊

My two eldest children are #Trans. Sorry I missed #TDOV. I thought it was today. Love you x

Interesting alternate view about visibility (Thread on the Birdsite)
I don't necessarily espouse this view I just think it's interesting and sad and as an ally important to be aware of all these issues.

#TDOV TLDR: "Don't talk about my bravery without ever doing anything to make my life less frightening" 

"I know TDOV is supposed to be happy and triumphant and inspiring as a salve to the feelings around TDOR and I’m sorry I just don’t have it in me to feel anything but frustration with the way people celebrate my bravery without ever doing anything to make my life less frightening."
Part of a thread on the Birdsite

From my fb memories today:
"Your greatest obstacle to personal growth isn't ignorance; it's the illusion of knowledge. It's in believing you've 'arrived."

I'm having a bit of technical trouble over on @Persephone so I'll ask here:
I'm in the process of trying to get and assessments for my 22yo adult kid. I'm being asked for more' evidence' before they will even see him, but it's tricky because we home educated. There are no school reports, but they apparently won't take my word for the fact that symptoms were present during childhood :(
Does anybody here have experience or advice please? (UK)

I'll say this now, and maybe pin it because I consider it of vital importance. The main reason I have left my previous instance is homophobia/transphobia. I won't tolerate it. Your right to free speech ends at my ears/ eyes. Same applies to racism & sexism & any bigotry.

I'm trying to move my @Lily_o_valley account over to which looks like it's hopefully more suited to me. I think I set that account up just as I was exiting xianity, but I had not realised until this week that it was not really a safe place.

I have an account on another instance where I'm not happy. If you want to leave, do you delete your account? Transfer elsewhere? Can you delete all your Toots?

Last night I dreamt such a weird, vivid dream. I met some hippies who offered me weed and I was confused that I couldn't feel or taste it when I took a puff.
Can you smell or taste in dreams? 🤔

When my dog died recently, I dreamt that we went to Dublin (where the Afterlife is located, obviously) to negotiate (with the Theatre Manager, obviously) some extra time with him. We were allowed 2 days. (Sigh)

This was my card, drawn by my youngest kid, Baba Zonee. It's me: Zombie Wonder Woman! 😄

My 2 youngest kids have spent most of the day playing on the PS3 with me in the living room today! (I'm not playing, I'm just enjoying their company :D

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