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Today's phantom weird smell: burnt caramel?
It's driving me nuts.
# MEcfs

I'm really sad and angry and disappointed by what I've just read. I didn't see any of the posts referred to. But Mastadon is supposed to be the safe, cool place, where that kind of abusive crap is not tolerated. Please be that place.


I'm currently reading Richard Rohr's Enneagram: A Christian Perspective (the religious aspect is not overwhelming and it's no evangelical, so it's more spiritual), and listening to the "No Chill Enneagram" Podcast, which I love.
I am starting to suspect that I have equal 3 and 5 wings to my 4-ness.
I definitely would like to read more books on this topic.
Are there any EnneaFans here on Mastadon?

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health, smoking 

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Anywhere here's your periodic reminder that electronic music as an actual genre with value beyond novelty was basically invented by a trans woman, who is still alive by the way and has the most incredible website on the internet:

I may not have SAD as such but I'm definitely seasonally affected. Feeling very lethargic and unmotivated today.

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I'm at 32,000 ish words, but 40%+ is junk. I've lost my writing mono. Day 19.

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