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i access this gaming web through my gaming router that sits on my gaming desk next to my gaming monitor that receives input from my gaming fingers hitting my gaming keyboard and moving my gaming mouse as i sit in my gaming chair settled into my gaming carpet that is supported by my gaming joists that hold aloft the second gaming story of my gaming house

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only eating braided foods like churros and licorice to represent how twisted I am

It's really cool that there's an option to hide sensitive content on here, but I've also clicked on literally every single toot with it enabled that I've seen so far. I just can't help myself

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therapist: HD minecraft villager isn't real, he can't hurt you

HD minecraft villager:

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can’t believe elizabeth warren knew it was lenin’s birthday and decided to announce her debt plan because of it. respect has been given.

Does anyone know of any on mastodon? I already followed NonCompete, but if there are more of them on here I wanna follow them too

So, uh...

I'm a pretty introverted 18 y/o male who's gotten tired of twitter.

I'm broadly communist of no specific ideology, though if I had to pick one I guess I'd probably say ancom?

I like movies/tv, videogames, books, and pictures of doggos.

Also English isn't my first language and I'm really bad at spelling so expect at lot of spelling errors


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