I absolutely loved this music video... Pokémon’s been a big part of my life. This is so colourful, so well animated, and warmed my heart, so so much.


Teaching my dog to roll over is my biggest flex in this pandemic

Seems there’s a massive Twitter bug where accounts are getting suspended without cause. My main account is fine but. My private one got hit lol

Brian Eno is one of my favourite artists, and I'm glad a friend sent me this interview. It's a different perspective on such a difficult situation. "This is the chance you’ve been waiting for, a chance to change your mind and direction. it might be the last chance we’ll get."

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"Some people dismiss this as ‘escapism’, but I think that isn’t a fair criticism. Surely we improve our worlds by imagining others that are better? And the kind of art that is called escapist is a sort of compass bearing for what ‘better’ means."


My new phone comes with a portrait mode... which I only use for my dog, Heero

Wound up not being happy with the last arrangement, so after some modifications to the shelves that didn’t fit, I’m much happier. I can actually see my rocks now!

Friendly reminder to always back up your work.
(I’m fine - a file of mine was corrupted, but I managed to grab a recent back up! Relieved I didn’t lose any work...)

...not technically until 11 AM mountain time on the dot BUT

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Paradise Apple.

This is part of a series of paintings about flowers, plants and weeds I see around the city I’m enamoured with. Ko-Fi folks have gotten to see more flowers, and the full version is available over at my print shop and on Ko-Fi!

Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/mjacek/gallery
Prints: inprnt.com/gallery/mandyjacek/

An important little Easter egg in something I’m announcing next week.

I managed to spot NEOWISE with binoculars tonight...!! I was just about to call it a night, too. It’s really difficult to see in the city, but I got a tiny peek...

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