Not used to sketching on the iPad yet... it also aggravated my wrist a bit? I guess it will be nice to use for small sketches/getting ideas down on the go. The CSP app is great.

Wanderer follows the story of the titular tiny magic robot named Wanderer, who wakes up with no memories of who he is, or what happened to his friend, the mysterious Algernon.
It is my upcoming comic.

If you want to see WIPs, and comic progress, consider supporting me on Ko-Fi!

Dabbled in more photography this year, too... it’s my own casual hobby, and made me appreciate plants all the more.

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I also shipped a game as a Technical Artist, after working towards it for so many years.

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2020 was a hard year, but I finally started overcoming a difficult art block and began drawing for myself again...

First goal for 2021: delete my Facebook permanently

I miss LiveJournal... and a decent social space to share art

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Ultimately disappointing Instagram is basically done - Facebook’s shady, unethical practices have leaked too much into it, rendering it unusable. Less and less apps...

Sometimes I buy prints of my own art...! This is the acrylic print of my Thousand Petal Crown Peony, it tuned out so beautifully!

If you're interested in supporting my work, consider buying a print over at my INPRNT!

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