@kradeelav thank you Krad! I work so much better with whites and blues, honestly... the pink ones were so challenging!

My friend: you’ve always had a thing for Noses, huh
Me: listen,

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They're husbands and they love each other very much. u_u💖

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I haven't been feeling super hot about my art lately, but redrawing these two characters I've had since my late teens was a nice reminder I'm doing okay.

@elfi everything’s good :) a little busy and overwhelming, but I’m good and safe! Thank you for your concern.

@elfi Yep! I had a box of art I had from ages 11-18... we’re moving soon, so I don’t want to lug this around.

I am shredding all my old art and we ran out of recycling bags... there’s too much paper...

Dabbled in more photography this year, too... it’s my own casual hobby, and made me appreciate plants all the more.

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