I am feeling sick to my stomach. I can't even imagine the pain people are going through.

Vote a thumping majority, get thumped immediately thereafter.

: Stolen in the Looting, Baby Shoes, Never Worn

“Come on,” a man cried joyously, beckoning the rest of the crowd. “New shoes for everyone!” Beneath the mosque which was burnt in Ashok Nagar, a shoe shop was looted with vicious glee.


What is the relevance of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), who was totally mute during #DelhiPogrom2020?

These sinecure posts just for accomodating 'loyal' judges for their post retirement shall be dissolved.

Nation can save some money!

I come across closet bhakt too often. Someone who will claim that she is no Modi/BJP fan but also question about people who like Swara, Kanhaiya Kumar etc.

Matlab what is the point?

How often we tell them that they should speak their minds? How often do we push our beliefs on them? The beliefs can vary from religious to political views to way of life. How often do we teach them about dissent and assure them that it’s ok to speak?

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Word of our times. The time when the country is fighting for its existence.

But, make this word a little personal. Look inside your home. How much do we encourage opposing views? How much do we tell our kids to not talk back, to not talk back their views because they are kids and they don’t know anything?

हम याद रखेंगे
कि रात जब घनघोर काली थी
तो तुमने दिया भी बुझा दिया
हर उठती लौ को दबा दिया
कुचल दिया, मसल दिया।

हम याद रखेंगे
तुम्हारे हर तर्क और सवाल
और एक दिन तुम भी याद करोगे
कि तुमने वो क्यूं कहा
कि तुमने अंधेरा क्यूं किया।

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हम याद रखेंगे "हम देखेंगे"
हम याद रखेंगे तुम्हे भी
क्या करोगे अब ये बताओ
यादाश्त को "बैन" करोगे
या विचारों के टुकड़े करोगे।

हम याद रखेंगे
कि तुम किस ओर खड़े थे
और एक दिन तुम भी याद करोगे
कि तुमने क्यूँ कुछ नही किया
कि तुमने क्यूँ नही देखा।

I somehow believe that it is a good sign if 50 strangers agree with your than 30 people disagreeing in your khandaan (family).

Why would anyone like their own photos and statuses?

Also, Why will anyone post their own photo as status? Same photo for multiple days.

Some privileged Hindus on my FB timeline.. "Why are students protesting? Why can't they protest for other issues like Economy?"

Aap Chronology samajh lijiye.

Pehle WhatsApp University se aapka brain wash Kiya jayega.

Fir Media kit kharid liya jayega.

Fir neighbor country ke nam PE rashtravaad becha jayega.

Fir ek religion ko target Kiya jayega.

Jab Tak ye sab hoga, tab aapko yahi normal lagne lagega.

Classic case of Overton Window shift.

One leader will call a group of people "termites" and then another high profile politician will come and talk about Unity in Diversity.

But by that time, window is already shifted.

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