No. It is really AOC plus Millions.
It’s actually AOC plus 115 because that’s how many House and Senate members have cosponsored the most ambitious climate legislation in American history.

Many years after and A.M.M.A in 2020 trudges on as a prime example of how patriarchial power structures continue to normalize misogyny using the cocktail mix of benevolent and hostile sexism.

Neither ignorance nor indifference can make one stand with injustice that is in your face. It is either fear or greed or both, which should not be condoned as if it were a minor offense. They are either in danger or are dangerous.
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“It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. Neither love nor terror makes one blind: indifference makes one blind.” - Jame…

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What is even more frightening than is that only a tiny minority think it’s wrong.

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The most frightening thing out of this entire circus is how easy it is to whip up mass hysteria and demonize someone. How damn easy. It’s not just pliable media, it’s pliable, spineless, bloodthirsty public.

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A hundred men, their cameras touching her, violating her space, her body. This could be you tomorrow. But you will choose silence because watching this is fun right now. She is the villain of your amoral world. A country whose Prime Minister claims to champion womens rights

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While his (Mani Ratnam) films merge the beautiful visuals of PC Sreeram, Santosh Sivan, Rajiv Menon and others with soulful music of Ilaiyaraaja or AR Rahman, what they further are merely right-wing politics.
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What is the one word that is so obviously absent in this commentary?

No prizes for getting it right.
"Caste" yes that is the word that has been omitted.

What exactly is Brahminic definition of the caste of an offspring of a Brahmin woman and a Black (outcaste) man? Anyone.
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For those asking why Shyamala Gopalan brought up Kamala & Maya as part of the Black community, have u considered the fact that the Indian com…

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To be truly independent is to be free ftom the shackles of oppression and intimidation. Yaum e azadi mubarak mere mulk. May we have the courage to speak the truth and stand by it irrespective of the consequences

Yes that is right, that whiff. The same feeling you get reading her book.
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Kamala has that whiff of inauthenticity about her. Not quite Hillary bad, but in that direction.

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On Indep day, recall what our Freedom fighters fought to build. An egalitarian,multi-religious/cultural society,where we would be the rulers&all public servants including Ministers&Judges would be our servants.We could correct them when they erred. How far have we come from that?

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India’s Supreme Court has decided to punish someone for criticizing the court in a couple of tweets.

Tomorrow will be an Independence Day, for many, of mourning the ongoing erosion of civil liberties in India.

No we are just mourning the memory.
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Why are we celebrating ? We have no reason.

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more power to such 'affronts', more need of such 'undermining'.

prashant bhushan's tweet
'undermines the dignity and authority of the institution of the Supreme Court of India and the CJI and directly affronts the majesty of law.'

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