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ഇത് വരെ കേട്ടതിൽ വച്ച് ഏറ്റവും ഭീകരമായ പീഡനങ്ങൾ ഏറ്റുവാങ്ങിയാണ് ഉന്നാവിലെ പെണ്കുട്ടി മരിച്ചത്... തല മരവിച്ചു പോകുന്ന ഒരവസ്ഥ...

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@Ra_THORe@twitter.activitypub.actor Nobody is standing for the rapists, you pseudo leader, sane citizens are standing up for the LAW. One doesn't have to imagine Disha as one's daughter to feel the horror & pain of the criminal incident. You need to be just human.

Two separate Indias now.

One is fictional, has citizens who follow laws and stand for justice and equality. It is a constitutional democracy.

Then there is the real India which has tribes that rape and kill each other. It follows the laws of the jungle and is a religiocracy
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Hyderabad: People celebrate and cheer for police at the encounter site where the four accused were killed in an encounter ear…

Does fascist mind set make someone so dumb or is it that all dim wits naturally gravitate to law of the jungle.
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Speak up for our daughters:
RAPES,SEXUAL ASSAULTS will NOT BE TOLERATED.Don’t ever look at ANY women & feel you own her even for a moment.

Pseudo liberals standing with the 4 rapists-your utopian world will shatter if you think of Hyderabad doctor as your own daughter

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This mentality causes rape. That someone needs to be raped if they differ from men supporting knee jerk reactions.

A lot of us here are rape survivors ourselves, and still talking about rights. Because we don't want to satisfy our saviour complex, we want women to be safe.

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*Rape survivor calls out a perp online*
Indians: Lying whore is seeking attention.

*Rape victim meets gory end*
Indians: India's daughter! Nirbhaya! Shoot the perps. Instant justice is best!

The only "right" rape victim for Indians is a dead rape victim.

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No one cares about your dietary habits, public servant. Just let us get our meals the way we want. twitter.com/ndtv/status/120228

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Absolutely. South Indian Brahmin smirking and feeling superior that she doesn’t consume onions and garlic. twitter.com/liberalmantri/stat

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India has approved a draft law that makes religion a criteria for citizenship on.ft.com/384ZN6N

Just imagine the craziness in Bhakto-sphere if the lord of spin and bigotry himself can't digest it.
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Yaya.. Rapists Shiva, Naveen & Keshavulu along with Mohammed has been trained by Pakistan & given Hindu names to bring bad name to our Sanathana Dharma.

Some aliens from Area 51 & Chinese spy agency with funds from Opus Dei (Vatican) too were involved acc to WhatsApp University https://twi…

Nithyananda fled India, formed a Hindu Rashtra called Kailaasa on some island he bought near Ecuador.
I hope his admirers like @RajivMessage will lead the way in taking citizenship of the new nation.
How did this rape accused fraudman fugitive manage to leave India minus a valid passport? Simple answer: #ModiHaiTohMumkinHai
Best part is now we get to tell Sanghis to "go to Kailaasa"? 😅

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Fill in the blank:
To my surprise, my life improved when I gave up ______.

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I'm seeing a lot of this right now, and it is unacceptable.

Accusing an Indian Muslim of working for Pakistan is deep bigotry that participates in a damning history of questioning loyalties based on religion (try to think where else in history we've seen that).


Hindus and human rights.. Really?
That is funny.
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Our gratitude to courageous Indian journalist @RanaAyyub, whom a few of us were able to meet recently, for getting the truth about the current situation in India to the cover of the The New Yorker. tinyurl.com/thwjnr3


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Sir, in your movie Kabir Singh, you make him point a knife at a woman, asking her to take off her pants, while she cried NO! He then walks away from an attempt to rape, like nothing happened & puts ice down his crotch PUBLICLY. twitter.com/imvangasandeep/sta

A must read -- This is an incredible story of an amazing woman, determined to document her nation's terrifying turn under Modi's leadership. newyorker.com/magazine/2019/12

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A must read -- This is an incredible story of an amazing woman (@RanaAyyub@twitter.activitypub.actor), determined to document her nation's terrifying turn under Modi's leadership. newyorker.com/magazine/2019/12

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Rahul Bajaj criticism can hurt national interest: FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Only an insecure, incompetent, and intolerant government will stoop so low as to characterize government criticism as against the national interest. business-standard.com/article/

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