Wow, holy books in sacred places, caretaking and whatevering to live in harmony?
Which century are we in?
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Justifying religious extremism is worse than the pandemic. What's the point in keeping holy books in sacred places, reading scriptures, caretaking, upholding and whatevering it if it cannot teach you to live and let others live in harmony.

Euphuism to justify caste marriage in progressive sounding language.
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What the fuck is a "love cum arranged" marriage?

Welcome to caste Hinduism.
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Sangh Parivar idea that if you push myths on people, over time they'll become history.

Such an important and terrifying strategy to learn about.

Doesn't it need to start with recognizing the fact that there are many of us are now in deep shit.

Most of them have been born into generations of shit that they don't even know of a world outside of it.

Otherwise what is the point of learning history?

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Isn't history all about making sense of how we got into the kind of 'human experience' we are in right now.
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@MonaAmbegaonkar @Profdilipmandal @dghconference Keep in mind that, for historians of religion, Hinduism isn't a set thing. It isn't static. It isn't limited to its modern incarnations. It is part of human experience and, like all other things, changes over time. I'm interested in its many forms througho…

What percentage of the pluralistic and diverse Hindus marry outside of caste endogamy today?

Brahminic Hinduism would never agree to address the malaise of the castes.

Political Hindutva is just a facade meant to divert the attention of the castes away from this rotten core.
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@Profdilipmandal @dghconference I think this is wrong, categorically and historically.

Hinduism is a diverse, often pluralistic tradit…

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Many Assamese Muslims have died in BJP-built detention camps.

The BJP is currently building more camps.

Even with such horrors, people still defend Hindutva...

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Death threats sent to participants of US conference on Hindu nationalism.

US-based groups are among those involved in the anti-intellectual campaign, alongside an India-based group linked to the murders of intellectuals and journalists.

Why isn’t Dalit history & literature taught in schools & colleges? A base created at an early age will help mould the mindset we possess.
I’m nominating 5 of you to keep the chain going.nominate 5 others.

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Why isn’t Dalit history & literature taught in schools & colleges? A base created at an early age will help mould the mindset we possess.

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We are empowering women but not teaching men, how to live with empowered women.

India shuts down the internet more than any theocratic dictatorship.
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India has instituted another digital blockade on Kashmir, yet again silencing over 8 million Kashmiris.

India shuts down the internet more than any other “democracy”.

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Another day, another Hindu Right violent threat, against me and others at Rutgers.

The police are investigating. I share this as a reminder of the real threats of violence on college campuses.

Shame on the anti-intellectuals who attack educators.

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Indians needs to be equally concerned about this domestic terrorism unfolding across the country as they are about the Taliban next door. Watch this video, hang your head in shame and introspect

Arranged marriage = Caste endogamy
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"Arranged marriages are, in effect, caste marriages. Arranged matchmaking is big business in India, representing an unholy alliance of medieval prejudice and globalized capital."

- Suraj Yengde

Wish the same. Unfortunately violence is endemic to Brahminical caste Hinduism which is where Hindutva comes from. It is a system of practices, culture, mythology and a whole epistemology built to blind not just the oppressors but even the oppressed from the systemic violence.
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A special thanks to those who organized and those who provided armed security at today’s event in Chicago.

I look forward to a world w…

Interesting thread on how pseudoscience proponents attempt to discredit science.
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1. Thread about misconceptions that are spread regarding the science:

When someone like @SadhguruJV makes really stupid statements to discredit how science works I can understand.
But when people with scientific training like Dr. B M Hegde do it, it’s really disappointing.

Important thread.
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Would like to thank K. Sujatha Rao for catalyzing this debate. I am on the disagreeing side here, but at the same time hope that the discussions emanating from this tweet will introduce ppl to imp ideas and arguments they didn't think of previously. Like...

It is not a coincidence that the most abusive people on Twitter are Hindus. It is an entire culture, mythology and epistemology built for dehumanizing and justifying abuse of fellow humans. Abuse is second nature to Hindus.
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You know, I just don't understand why South Asia-focused scholars do not directly engage with Hindu Right criticisms.... oh, right...

Note that these are all fro…

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